Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 24, 2015

A couple of great quotes from Eric’s recent letters from the Ghana MTC that I thought you might enjoy.
“I used to think missionaries were SUPERHEROES but now I see that they are just ordinary guys working SUPER hard to show the world their HERO.” –Elder Eric Neubert. 
“The tag doesn't make you a missionary, the way you live does!”—Elder Eric Neubert. 
Those are good thoughts because it’s really true. I definitely don’t feel like a superhero out here. They call us angels a lot. We’re the brothers of the church to the world. If they see us doing something dumb, then that is the image that they will have of the church. The tag definitely doesn’t make the missionary, despite what everyone thinks. With all the returned missionaries that have gone inactive here, it is definitely not the tag that makes someone a returned missionary. I’m trying to be the missionary that I need to be and it’s a super hard thing to do. I’m trying to trust in the Atonement more and be more prayerful. Something that I’ve noticed is that the times that I don’t feel good, I feel better as I pray. Even if for those 5 minutes in my prayer. It’s something that does let me have 5 minutes of peace. It’s been nice that way.

We are teaching this 26 year old named Joana. She is great but, sometimes a bit of a flirt. She has a little 3 year old girl and we always go to teach her with members and stuff. She was having difficulties accepting the Book of Mormon, which was odd, for me at least. Here it’s like they don’t really have logical doubts about the B of M. Let it suffice to say, that she claimed to have seen a documentary on the Book of Mormon where these members tried to prove facts from the book. They weren’t able to do it successfully. They published their documentary and she saw it on discovery channel. Anyway, she gave us all these reasons how its proven that there were never horses here in the Americas until the Spaniards came. I kinda got a little ticked when she was telling us about how scientists have proven all this stuff and for that reason she doesn’t want to accept the Book of Mormon. After that lesson, we were meditating about it a lot, and I was thinking how we could help her. I was thinking if she was going to need some sort of proof about the B of M, I decided that she could use the history of how the B of M came to be. The history has always fascinated me. So, with a thorough enough study and writing down a few quotes from Emma Smith and others, I had prepared sufficiently to open her mind to the B of M. That whole day I only had that lesson on my mind, and so with all my preparations, we went to teach her. Little by little, she started accepting the B of M. We were able to convince her (and it’s not that the idea that we have as missionaries is to convince the people to believe us) but she needed to get rid of all these supposed “scientific facts” that the B of M isn’t true. It was a nice little win for us. I felt accomplished, realizing that I had been able to convince myself more of the truthfulness that there is behind the B of M. I really enjoyed that experience, and Joana is coming to church. We’re trying to rescue her aunt as well so that she can come back to church. She’s great, and really needs the gospel.

We’re also teaching a less active guy Jesus. He is so awesome. He told us his life and what he has gone through with his failed marriage. It just about brought us all to tears hearing his story. We have his confidence, and he really wants to come back to church and be active again with his family. He’s a great guy. We have a 16 year old kid who thinks super deeply, and has received lessons from Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, and Evangelists. His brothers are members of the church and he’s been praying to know which path he should follow. He said he finally found his answer and it’s here with us. He is a great kid, and really wants to continue with the church. We’re also teaching Roman. He has a baptismal date for 12 of September. He has never really done anything with God or a church before. But, he got sick recently and a friend who is a less active member of the church has been talking to him about God. We taught Roman, and he accepted everything so willingly. He is great! He loves reading and loves learning. Everything is new for him. The only thing he really knows about God is what he’s seen in movies and the bible videos that they show here in the week of the Passover (Easter week). That’s about the news for the investigators and stuff.

As far as I’m doing, I’m struggling still. Not gonna lie. With the routine of all that we do, I feel like I need more of the spirit. Rather than the facts. I know that the church is true and that everything that we teach is true. I’ve studied a ton to figure out answers to questions that we have been asked. I’m convinced of it. Obviously I have prayed to know the truth as well. Sometimes I get hung up on the facts of it all. I don’t feel the power behind everything that I teach like I used to feel. We teach the same stuff over and over, and that’s not a bad thing. I just am saying that I have lost a bit of the fire with it. It’s something that I’m praying a lot for and trying to find my own motivations and personal answers. If there was something that you could send me, like a talk or something, that would be much appreciated!

Sorry, I’m really trying to stick it out and everything. I guess I would say that it’s just been a little rough the last couple weeks. I don’t wanna worry you or anything. My biggest desire is finish my mission with honor. Not only finish it, but become converted to the Lord and to His gospel. I don’t want to be a less active RM. That’s why I’ve been struggling to get the fire back! It’s something I really want and desperately need. I wanna be converted. I hope all is well at home. I love you mom. So grateful for the support you always give me and for the love in the letters. My love to Grandmom and Pop Pop. Been thinking of them lately. I love them and am so grateful for them!

Loves to all!!
Elder Wilson

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