Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tons of pictures

So here are a ton of pics of when i left my last area, one of milagros and her family of 2 little girls, one of the family santillan that we baptized and brought to the temple, one of hugo that is gonna get baptized this weekend i hope! and of the ward council and the bishop too. a couple of members and my new comp as well! elder morales, he is awesome from peru, a part called chiclayo. my second comp called Elder Morales, and my second one from Chiclayo too. hes so great, super hard worker! also a pic of my trunky letter and of a couple of hills here that we climb every stinking day! have a great week, loves!

here are some new pics. we went to a part of our area that is super high up, the only good news about it is that theres a bus that can take us up there, its so high and the view is beautiful. not sure if youll be able to make it all out, but there a bunch of little houses there on the sides of the mountains. thats what the people do in order to have their own place to live without paying mortgages and rent. but they still have to do lots of stuff, like install water and electricity, and even more than that, they have to do stuff called Faena, which is basically manual labor for their little community to little by little build stairs and walls and help other lift their houses off of the dirt floors. the problem about it is that everyone here and their mother and dog works from at least Monday to Saturday, if not Monday to Sunday, and the Faenas are always on Sundays in the morning, making it almost impossible for them to go to church. if they dont participate in the Faena, then they pay a fine of between 30 and 50 soles, which is between 10 and 16 dollars, every week they dont participate, and thats a ton of money here, thats more than anything double what they make in a HARD days work. well, thats the situation of the mountain people here! oh, and also, theres a pic of a bird that flew into our room and we discovered it after it had pooped ALL over our suitcases in the space of like 5 hours.

pics of our last pday, we played speed, poker, black jack, and uno. it was fun, we but a liter of ice cream to top it all off. it was simple but really fun. love you all, have a great week! thats the pic of the letter i received on 31 of january of 2016, a letter dated the 29 of october 2015. cool stuff..

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