Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

I’m so sorry that I haven’t written much these past weeks. Don’t be upset with me, I’ve gotten caught up in other things. I have lots to say but not a lot of time to say it. 

A couple weeks ago we had a family home evening with a family in the ward. The mom told a great story that I want to tell you.
There once was a boy that had a once in a lifetime opportunity to get inside his own head and see his whole life. It was in the form of filing cabinets. It was a huge room of filing cabinets, thousands of them. The boy decided to open one up and he saw some very happy moments in his life. He was happy with that one. Then he went to another filing cabinet, and saw some of his bad moments. In many of the filing cabinets he saw that they had lots of sins, many mistakes he had made in his life. He started to get really embarrassed for what he saw in his life. He saw many good moments, but it seemed to him that all his mistakes and sins in his life just seemed to overshadow all the good moments. He was embarrassed to see the files inside, because every file had the occurrence and his name below it. He didn’t know what to do, but then he saw that someone had entered into this little piece of reality. It was Jesus Christ. He ran away and hid. After a few minutes he came out of his hiding place to see what He was doing. He got really embarrassed as he saw him go over to the filing cabinet with his many mistakes. He saw the Lord open the cabinet and do something with all the files that had his name on them. Christ opened each file, erased his name as the author, and changed the name to the Saviors name. He started to cry as he saw the sacrifice that the Savior made for him. Christ looked at him, ran over to him and hugged him real tight, letting him know that he could be forgiven for all those mistakes that he had made. 

It was a great story that I loved a lot. I gotta go. Know that I love you, I’m doing so great in my mission. My love to all the family. I love you so much, more than anything.!!!

Pics: These are the pics from this last week. We went out to eat in a super classy restaurant that just opened. The prices are really high, but it was worth the service and the food that we got for sure, the food was really good, and it was all fish stuff, which is the Peruvian specialty here. anyways, it was my first time eating like squid and clams and stuff like that. It was good. The mussels too were good, but different from the ones that we have in the states. Also, we had the baptism of Jimmy Pillaca, a totally chosen 20 year old guy who is so awesome. He heard about the church from his girlfriend when she came to visit her aunt and uncle here in our area. She shared the gospel with him. He went to the city where she lives, like 15 hours away, and he participated in the church with her. When he came back here, he was really interested in learning more about the church. We started teaching him the first week of February, and here he is getting baptized. After MANY, MANY problems and difficulties, he got baptized the 19 of March. It was a great baptismal service. The spirit was strong and felt there. He said he felt clean after leaving the water. He felt so darn good that he wanted to hurry and get baptized again after leaving the water! We celebrated the baptism with French toast and empanadas. It was awesome! We took vids too, but internet doesn’t let me send them because the files are too big. If anyone knows how to overcome that, let me know. Anyway, with that highlight, the week turned out awesome!! I’m so happy to be out here, just need you all to know that. The gospel brings the blessings of eternity, none of that instant gratification garbage that the world offers anyone. The gospel brings real satisfaction for following the Savior. I know it, and I love it!

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