Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016

This week we tried preparing for General Conference before by telling every investigator and less active about it. It was an amazing Conference. I had prepared myself with 3 specific questions that I wanted answered from the conference. 2 of the questions were for me personally, and the third one was for our investigator, Ricardo. Amazingly, all 3 questions were answered and I was able to receive personal revelation throughout the whole conference. I love being able to prepare spiritually for such an amazing spiritual event. I love feeling the love of God in my life as He answers my pleas. I now know that to help Ricardo we must teach him more about forgiveness and that the trials of this life are for our benefit, even if they are not always what we expect or want. Another man that we are teaching, Jaime, who believes that he has fallen out of love: The perfect talk was given just for him by President Uchtdorf in the Priesthood Session. It was awesome! Well, I have had a great week, and the weekend topped everything off making it an awesome week and a great testimony builder for me. Elder Morales has officially finished his training. He is a great missionary. He has learned so much, as have I from being with him. He is still really willing to learn and obey the Lords command in his life. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be with him. This week we will be going to the temple as a zone. I’m so excited to be able to be reminded of the covenants that I have made with the Lord.

We taught a great lesson to an excommunicated member that we are teaching. She has recently lost her partner due to drugs and theft. She kicked him out and wants to start her life fresh. We taught repentance and the spirit was felt so strongly. Hearing my comp teach and then bare my testimony of the power of forgiveness to her. I was brought almost to the point of tears. I was reminded so tenderly of the feeling of being completely clean before the Lord after repenting. The difference between the before and after is almost indescribable. I found a great scripture in Alma 36:14-15 that explains the feelings he had towards returning to God’s presence, and relating it to what Alma taught as well in Alma 12:14 about commanding the rocks to cover us from the Lord’s gaze. That is how he felt before he repented. The stark contrast to how he felt in Alma 36:22 after he repented is eminent in his desire to be with God and all the angels that were singing praise to him. It was a story that really spoke to me because I can relate to it so much. I love repentance and I love my Savior for the amazing sacrifice for what He did for me. I know that I can change, and as one of the 70s said in their talks this last conference, none of us should ever be remembered or labeled by the worst thing we’ve ever done. I know that god gives 2nd and 3rd and infinite chances to change, as Elder Holland said, in this gospel we get credit for trying.

I found a message for everything that I was looking for this conference, and I love the Lord for the trust He has in me for giving me the words that I need to help others come unto Him and partake of His love and salvation. Know that I am doing so well here! I love my mission and I love being here. This transfer is 8 weeks, and so I will be with my comp till next weekend at the very least, which I’m really excited for too!

Elder Wilson

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