Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2, 2016

Mother’s Day is almost here. I’m really excited for it. My last skype call from Peru. I don’t plan on turning on the water works or anything. I know that it’ll be great to see everyone. Sam told me that she wasn’t sure if they would make it down to the house for the skype call. Please try and convince them to come down. I know that it’s possible to do some sort of three way skype call, but it’s not the same. Just please try and convince them to not be bums and come down, for you and for ME! Our church ends at 1:30 pm here. I could call you at like 3:30 pm Peru time. I will have 40 minutes for skype and this Friday I will make the pre-phone call to set up everything exactly. Be waiting for that call on Friday too.

We have a man that is going to get baptized this weekend, Felipe Gonzales. Last Monday when we were teaching him about temple work and baptisms for the dead and the vicarious work, he was having a hard time understanding it and believing it more than anything. So when we were going to finish the lesson, because of his doubts he wasn’t sharing with us, he just said “yes” on the outside. When we were kneeling down to finish with a prayer and as he started to kneel down, he got a bad leg cramp. He is a really spiritual person who is really close to God. He understands that whenever he gets a cramp like that he takes it as a sign from God that he’s not ok with something. So, he explained that to us and he said that he was going to pray and find out what the problem was. Later in the week when we got together again, he told us that he had received a revelation from God saying that he wasn’t worthy to kneel down and pray with us. He said the Lord had told him that because of his doubt and unbelief in what we had told him about baptisms for the dead. God gave him that cramp to tell him that he was wrong on that. When he explained that to us, it let me know that God is aware of all of us, of all our questions and problems. I know that the Lord is preparing this man, Felipe, so that he can be fully ready for baptism. I know that the Lord was with us that day, and that he answers all our prayers. That was a miracle that I wanted to share that happened this week. Interesting but really cool!

This week was lots of getting to know the area still. Every day we meet new people and find new things here. Thanks so much for the letter that you sent me. I love the words of encouragement. I’ll be honest, it’s been on my mind way too much. I realize it and I don’t want to be thinking every other minute of how much time I have left in the mission. It bugs me. To be able to focus and give it my all, that’s my plan. Thanks so much for the nice words of advice.

I love you so much. I’m excited to talk to you this Mother’s Day. I hope you have a great day too, enjoy your week and keep allowing the light of Christ to be seen through you and the natural of glow of the light in your eyes!

Con mucho cariño,
Elder Wilson

Pic: This is a speaker that a member had in her backyard that she didn’t use. She gave it to us. It’s so awesome. I’ve never had a speaker before in my room to listen to music. Just imagine, an awesome speaker to listen to hymns and music from EFY. So sweet! Our house just got fun! Haha. The headphones that I have on, are special ones from Pepsi that you can only get by doing a promotion of gathering 5 bottle tops and sending them in with some money. A member gave me them too. Don’t worry. I know the rules. I don’t use them. Tranquilo.

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