Monday, August 18, 2014

August 15, 2014

I loved the letter you sent (dated July 30, 2014). Thank you. Thanks for the scriptures too. They were awesome! I've had a really good week. We've taught a lot of lessons, and on Saturday we finally did TRC, which is teaching real people. It was really cool to be able to help a real person for the first time. We've been teaching our teachers and other missionaries. We pretend that it’s real and everything, but it’s just different when you actually teach real people. The lady we taught (a member of the church, I assume she volunteered to be an investigator) had a real question, and I think it was sincere. It went really well. Me and my comps have done a really good job at teaching by the spirit in our lessons. Multiple times this week, maybe 3 or 4 different times, we've prepared a lesson for our investigators. They ask a question, and the spirit completely turns us in the complete opposite direction of our prepared lesson. It’s awesome! I really love teaching and being able to help the investigator find peace and happiness in their lives. Our schedules every day are the same. We have class all the time. We seriously are in some sort of classroom for around 9 hours a day, if not more. It can get old, but it’s a good cause so I’m alright with it. Also, I've written down key scriptures, scripture mastery and other good scriptures from each book of scripture. I've developed a color coded system for marking them. I am going through each scripture, figuring out what color it should be based on its main idea or theme. It’s been a lot of fun. I wish I would have brought my scripture mastery cards though. An elder in my district brought his and I copied them on paper. I've totally had the best time that I have ever had reading the scriptures. I've searched the scriptures, pondered the scriptures, and been led by the scriptures. It’s been wonderful! I've really had a good time with it, and its made all the study time and class time go by a lot quicker. I’m reading scripture of my own free will for once! Haha. My Spanish is coming along a little better. I don’t think there’s been too much improvement with it since last week, but I've learned more conjugations. They are confusing. I have gotten a little more vocabulary. I’m pretty much just waiting to get out in the field to learn the bulk of my Spanish. Here you can learn all the rules and regulations for the language (they are really confusing, some words seem so interchangeable and there’s certain ways to use them) I figure once I have to speak Spanish all the time in Peru with my comp I’ll pick it up a lot quicker. I’m not too worried about it. Thank you all for your letters and news of what’s going on and such. I love you and the family so much. I’m glad to hear about all the fun stuff that happens back there. Bonnie has usually been good about emailing me, but she hasn't emailed the past two weeks. What’s up with that?! Anyways, I hope everything is good with her and the family. I hope Becca is doing better since her fall. I pray for her often. I hope Samantha and baby Connor are doing good and healthy. I pray for them too. Love you all so much!

My p-day is going to be on Wednesday next week. The Friday before missionaries leave the MTC and go into field, you have meetings all day to orient you for the field. Since my p-day is normally on Friday, they moved it to Wednesday for next week. That way we can go to all the meetings. Keep that in mind if you plan on emailing me. Give Dad and everyone my love!
Elder Wilson

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