Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 8, 2014

I have received the one letter that you said you mailed me (from July 23). I received it 12 days later, August 4. I received the one package a couple weeks ago (from that Mexico MTC care package company). Other than that, nothing. But, I’ll keep my eyes open. We check the mail multiple times daily so I know I’m not missing anything. J When do I leave here? I guess I never explained it. Supposedly, in order to get a visa to Mexico, you have to give a departure date when you apply. The mission office puts your departure date one month after your arrival. When you get to the CCM (MTC) they give you a new itinerary. The itinerary that they gave me when I first got here says that I am leaving August 27 (Braydon’s birthday FYI). I should be leaving then and go straight to Peru (not to Georgia like my original itinerary stated). This is all assuming my visa to Peru is good to go. I haven’t heard anything otherwise, or any talk of people not being able to get their visas. I think I’m in the clear. That’s the plan for now. 

So, Samantha had her baby. That’s awesome! Where did the Ryan (middle name) come from? I hope everything’s going well back home. I think about you often, and I miss you guys a lot. I don’t let it consume me. It’s a healthy longing, I think. I get lost in everything here, so, it’s no big deal. Learning Spanish is really hard, but I’ve made a lot of progress (with no prior Spanish knowledge). We’re learning a lot of the conjugations and it’s super difficult. The grammar is really tough to learn but it’ll come with practice and time. We’ve started to do ´´solo español´´ every morning until lunch. I’m sure we’ll see improvement after a little bit. I have learned a lot of cool scriptures. I’ve been memorizing cool scriptures in Spanish even. It’s been nice to just be able to study the gospel, and prepare lessons for our investigators here. It’s been really beneficial, but it’s definitely hard work. My week has been good, and it just flew by. We’ve done a lot of teaching, the spirit has really been in our lessons, and totally guided us with what to say. We had a lesson completely planned out for the plan of salvation, but then we talked about receiving answers to our prayers the entire time. It was awesome how the spirit totally told us what to say. Teaching has been really good lately.

I’ve seen so many people here that I know. I saw Jaylen Ferreira, Braydon Peterson, Shaylyn Medeiros, and like 5 or more other people from school and stuff. It’s awesome. I see Braydon all the time. That’s really cool. Everything’s good here. I’m loving it, and I can’t wait to get into the field and immerse myself in the language. That way I can finally understand what’s going on around me! I can pick out words and stuff from people’s conversations, but everyone talks so fast, and blurs their words together. It’s incredibly difficult to understand, but I know I’ll get it eventually. I’m not too worried. I’ve started getting to bed on time and waking up on time, and its really helped me not to be so tired all the time. I’ve been striving to be more obedient and it’s really blessed me. Thanks so much for all the love. It really helps me. I’m not just talking about the food and stuff in the packages, but the letters and the emails, and all the contact. It’s really great, thanks a ton.

I pray for you guys always. Love all of you so much. I can’t wait to see all the smiling new babies when I get back!
Elder Danny Wilson

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