Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 1, 2014

I love all the emails. It’s awesome. Umm, the package was great. I’m so glad you sent me that. I was having kind of a down day, but it got a lot better once I got the goodies. It is much appreciated so thank you so much. I wasn’t expecting anything here, and then BAM! That was cool. But, don’t spend a lot of money on all the goodies. We get fed really well here. I’ve had a hard time getting myself to eat some of the stuff, because I’m constantly full. I definitely felt the love though. Thanks so much. I haven’t gotten your mailed letter, it may still come today, but as of right now I haven’t received it. I love pictures and letters more than the snacks. Something to keep in mind.

It’s been a really good week. We watch church videos every Sunday night, and we’ve watched some really good ones. I really love the video by Elder Holland and Elder Eyring about why it is so hard to be a missionary. Why don’t people just flock to the font? Why isn’t the only risk for a missionary getting pneumonia from being in the water so long? Type in either of those phrases and I’m sure you’ll find it. Find that video and watch it. I know you’ll cry as much as I did. It really hit me talking about the Savior’s atonement and His sacrifice. We talked about the plan of salvation and the atonement last night in class. It was an amazing witness of how much Heavenly Father cares about me, and how much I need to tell people of all the Savior has done for them if they will repent! The plan of salvation and the atonement have really stuck out to me this week. I was reminded of how agonizing the Savior’s pain was when He performed the atonement. I’ve always heard of how He suffered so badly that He bled from every pore. This week someone said that He suffered both body and spirit. It reminded me that He knows our sorrows and internal feelings as well as our bodily hardships. The Savior has felt exactly what we are feeling and He knows the exact dose and the right medicine to cure us. If we will just come to Him. “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Great scripture! Also, the plan of salvation: We watched the video in class about Chris Williams. His family was killed in a car crash (except his two sons) by a teenage drunk driver. That one really got to me too. It reminded me of my knowledge of the Plan. I’ve sorta taken that for granted my whole life. I know that this life is not the end but most of the world doesn’t know that…at least not with a surety. I need to go tell them because, if not me, than who? We went to the Mexico City temple visitor’s center today for pday. On the way there we drove through a bad part of Mexico City. It was insane how rundown and poor it looks. The MTC is surrounded by walls and is seriously like Provo, Utah.  A beautiful island in the middle of Mexico. There are like no rules when driving out there. You just try not to die, which is really difficult. People will just walk in the street, they don’t seem to care. Guys walk in between cars selling stuff in the road, it’s insane. Anyway, that’s Mexico. We are really blessed to have our private island in here. It’s really nice. I got good pictures of the temple, felt the spirit, and had a really good time. We watched a video on the plan of salvation, and it made me miss my family. But, it’s ok. I’m a missionary. A missionary that has left my family for two years, so that he can help others be with their families for eternity!

I’m so glad that I have chosen to be here. It’s definitely hard work, but I know it’ll be worth it (as soon as I can speak Spanish). I’ll have the Lord on my side always. I love you so much! Thanks for all the love! You’re an amazing mother. I couldn’t ask for a better one. Oh, you know I love good quotes and one-liners. If you come across some good ones, shoot ´em my way.
hugs and kisses!
Elder Danny Wilson

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