Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last email from the MTC! August 21, 2014

My week has been awesome, full of great stuff! The Spanish is tough but it’s coming along better. I’ve had to trust in the Lord so much while I’ve been here. It’s helped so much. Christ and the Holy Spirit are the real teachers, missionaries are just the mouthpieces. It’s kind of a tough principle to learn, but I’m getting there. I want to have confidence in my abilities, but not be prideful. It’s a fine line. I’m working on it. Me and my other two comps have really grown close in just this short time. I gave my first priesthood blessing on Sunday, to my comp. It was so awesome! The spirit totally guided me on what to say. I was so lost and kinda nervous. Afterwards, he said “thank you, that was exactly what I needed”. Hooray for the power of the Holy Ghost in our lives! Guess what? I’m leaving on Monday for Peru! I’m so stoked! I’m ready to leave here and get into the field! I think I’ll be able to call from the airport this Monday (Aug 25th) before I get on the plane. Be expecting that (maybe). My next P-day will be the Monday after this coming one, pretty sure. It’ll be a while until I can email again.

We took that picture of all the Maple Meadows 1st ward missionaries the Sunday before Braydon left the MTC. It was cool to get us all together for it. I saw Braydon around a lot but hardly ever saw Jaylen and Shaylyn. I have attached pictures of the guys in my district. The bigger picture is the guys from our casa who left the week before us. They were so fun and awesome. The other is a picture of us. It was fun. We got everyone’s emails and got lots of pictures and stuff. It was a good night. I’m excited to receive that SD card reader. I have lots of pictures to send home. The mail is crazy slow. I’ve gotten like 3 letters from you here. They were awesome, but it’s not even close to what it sounds like you’ve sent. haha. Hooray for the postal service!

My love to everyone!! I miss you and think of you often!
Elder Danny Wilson

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