Friday, October 17, 2014

Oct. 13, 2014

So, you’ll have P-day on Tuesdays now? Or, just on transfer days?
 P-day on Tuesdays, just for transfer days. I’m pretty sure that will be a regular thing.
Is the host family that you are living with members of the church?
Yes, the family is members. They are so awesome. Our pensionnista is the nicest lady you will ever meet. They love having missionaries living with them. They say it blesses them so much. They also love cooking for the missionaries. They consider it a huge blessing. I know that they are blessed, because they sure are great! We have rice with every meal. It doesn’t matter what we eat, its always with rice. I have had guinea pig and it wasn’t cooked very well. It still tasted alright. It was just so tiny, not much meat, and a lot of fat on that thing. A food I like here is called causa. Random, probably accurate statistic: in Lima there are more dogs than there are people.
General Conference was awesome! I loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s talk from the first session about testimony. That was great. I also loved the stuff that Elder Scott talked about with prayer: daily, nightly, and family prayer. I thought that was great. I regret not praying more before I left on my  mission. I will change that. A thought that I had: it would be really cool if, on Sundays when all the family comes over for dinner before one couple leaves for home that you guys could all have a quick prayer as a family while everyone is together. I thought that would be great. I’m not sure what you think about it, but, please think about it. Elder Scott said, as you do these things (talking about prayer, scripture study, FHE, and going to the temple) Satan will be more anxious to stop you and destroy you. But, the less-able he will be to do so. I love that thought! It’s a promise from an apostle that as we do these things, Satan will work harder but he will have less power. I love it! As God speeds His work, Satan speeds up his also, But, who is more powerful? Who do we know is gonna win in the long run? Something else that the apostles and prophets are really emphasizing right now is family history work. I know that it will strengthen us as we strive to do our family history work so that others can have the opportunity to enjoy the rich blessings of the gospel. We cannot be perfected without our dead, neither them without us (D & C 128:15). Amazing thought! Conference was so great! Us gringos watched it in the secretary’s office in the Stake Center and chapel. It was so good! This gospel is true, and our Father in Heaven loves us. The greatest manifestation of His love is that He sent His only begotten son to suffer and die for us.
I know that my Redeemer and Savior lives and loves me!
Elder Wilson

Well, the bag that I brought here broke. I have ordered one from the mission, but it’s taken over 5 weeks and still hasn’t come. I’ve been using our emergency bag as my proselyting bag. I took out the tuna and water and put in my books. 

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