Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014

The beaches are super dirty here, but it’s nice going to the beach. We played capture the flag on the beach last P-day. That was really fun. Got sand in every part of my body! Yea, that was fun. It’s been a pretty rough little while lately. We’re trying to work really hard, but we’re just not seeing the results from our labors. We’re walking a ton lately. It’s killer, but at least we don’t have any hills. You wouldn’t believe the hills here and the houses that they build on them! The houses here are really misleading. Lots of the people have really ugly houses on the outside, but then you walk in and it is so nice. They have flat screens with their sound system…really interesting. Then there are other people that are living out of just one room and the bathroom is only separated with a curtain that they’ve put up for privacy. They have their stove on the ground and they literally live in 1 tiny room. Not sure how, but they make it work. I’m still learning a lot. I’m trying really hard to break my laziness habit. It’s difficult. But, its coming along. I’m not being lazy, but my desire and tendency to be lazy is there. I’m working on that. The language is still progressing. I’m learning all these slang words every day. It’s awesome!

I’ve realized that the people here think that everyone from the U.S. is rich. I’ve had to explain to my companion and our pensionnista that it’s not like that. We have problems just like them with finances. We just have a different lifestyle. They think I’m rich, and the money I have on my card is just for whatever. I explained to them that its money for the mission and we still have expenses in the U.S. They just didn’t know that, I guess! Haha. I’ve been thinking a lot of you this week, Mom. We have a lot of people here that we teach about keeping the Sabbath day holy. I’ve been thinking about how you have to work on Sundays and stuff. We’ve been teaching a lot of people about the Sabbath. We teach they must have the faith that God will help and provide for them. They must keep the Sabbath day holy, go to church every week, renew their covenants, and sanctify that day. I don’t know what the options are for you, Mom, or how it could be done. But, I know that God watches over us, and there is a way to accomplish this. I don’t know exactly what you’re thoughts are or have been on the subject exactly. I would like to invite you to be praying for help to keep this commandment. I’m not trying to preach to you, but I’ve been thinking of it a lot lately. Anyway, that’s what I’ve got. I love you all so much. Thank you for all that you do, and thanks for all the love and support that you give me. I know I’m being blessed because of your prayers. So, thanks a million!

Elder Wilson

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