Monday, December 8, 2014

December 1, 2014

There’s a new promotion that the church is doing called “He Is The Gift”. The church has spent a ton of money to promote this. The whole month of December, Times Square in New York, there will be a huge promotion for it on a big screen. On Dec. 7 the whole youtube page will just have this one advertisement for “He Is The Gift”. It’s way cool, and we have a ton of little pass-out cards that we’re handing out to people. The website for this is It is a short 2 and a half minute video about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s really good. I loved it!

Not too much new and crazy stuff has happened. We were going to another area on Tuesday, and we had to take a convey. A convey is like a mini bus. It’s about the size of those old hippie Volkswagen vans. It was so crowded that I had to have my head out the window just to fit. I was hanging over 4 different people and standing in between this girls legs to have a space to stand. I was gripping the window sill with both hands to hold on while my head and shoulders were out the window. It was a pretty crazy night. That is the most crowded bus I have ever been in. Luckily, this guy offered to hold my bag. One girl was helping me to make sure I got off at the right stop. It just reminded me that I’m in Peru having the experience of a life time!

I wish I could have had a big Thanksgiving dinner and then just take a nice long nap afterwards. I’m so tired, let me tell you. My comp is district leader, and so he’s always making calls at night time. We get to bed at about 11:30 every night. It’s rough, but I’m loving it out here. Having lots of fun and learning a ton. The mission is a life that’s really hard to describe, but it’s definitely true whatever an RM says about the mission. It’s all true. I love it! I loved the letter you sent me, from Nov. 12. I actually got it really fast. It was surprising. I love the quote from that talk, a God that doesn’t give commandments is the functional equivalent of no god at all (or something like that). That was really good, especially here. A huge problem is the Sabbath day and tithing. Those big commandments that God requires.

Thanks for all the letters, thoughts and packages. Have a great week!
Elder Wilson

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