Monday, December 1, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014

We have been working so hard this past week. I got my new comp, Elder Sanchez, last Monday. I feel like we've been together longer than a week. It's been an amazing week. Elder Sanchez is an amazing missionary. His testimony is so strong, he wants to do all that he can in this work, and he not only has a desire to do so, he actually does it. He often evaluates himself, thinking if there is something that he could have done, or something that he could have done better throughout the day. After that mini self-evaluation, he plans to improve, and he works on it. He is a great example of how a missionary should be, so humble and full of love and support. I have learned so much from him in this short week, and I still have a long way to go for sure. We found 11 new investigators, received and contacted so many references using the questions from President Monson. It was amazing. We left with Obispo Benites on Sunday to proselyte. With Bishop, we were able to encontrar una familia so easy. He just walked up to a family that he knew, and we practically had our feet in the door. An amazing day, and an incredible week. Sadly, we only had 1 investigator show up at church on Sunday, and I got kind of discouraged. But, I know that we can do better working with the members this week so we can meet las normas de excelencia. I think Elder Sanchez already wrote you about it, but we met with Obispo Benites this week multiple times. He told us that he has been thinking about the division of the ward for us missionaries. He had thought that it should be changed to include an equal number of members for both companionships. So, on Sunday, we met with him, and we decided on the new boundaries, and now we have a different area to work with. It was really great because Obispo brought it up. He had the revelation for it. I know that we can connect and involve ourselves with the members better now. Elder Sanchez is an amazing Lider de Distrito. He is always happy, enthusiastic, and encouraging everyone to always work hard. It's been really great working with him. I love that we are finally seeing some results in the area. I've learned a lot recently. I'm learning more patience and love, and working hard to push myself to always be doing more. We had an experience yesterday. We were walking in the street, about 6:30 or 7 at night. This 15 year old kid walked up to us and said that he has been receiving the lessons in another part of Lima. He got a Book of Mormon from a friend at school and he's super interested to learn more about the church. It was so crazy and wonderful. We were shocked. Well, I know I was. Such a blessing. We have an appointment with him and his family tonight. I hope all goes well for that. I'm having an awesome time here. We're working hard, not sleeping much because we're up late reporting the day to the district leaders. But, every day we have more energy anyway. It's awesome!

Tell Bishop Irwin I got a letter from him. It's a letter I wrote to myself while we were on trek. Also, I'm still getting letters that were sent in September. That's cool. Give my love to the family, and have an awesome week! The gospel has been restored! There's lots of talk of Joseph Smith right now in the news. I know he was a prophet of god and he restored this gospel. The evidence is the Book of Mormon!

Elder Wilson

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