Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015

So, a couple of things to start…if I were to receive another package anytime soon, know that I love whatever it contains. I love all the letters, thoughts, and words from home. But, a couple of suggestions if I may... I would like to receive my glasses and the glasses case. I don’t need them to see, obviously, but I would like to have them. They are in my room somewhere in a box. Good luck! Also, chocolate pudding mix and peanut butter because I’m missing it. It’s super expensive here.

Also, I got on yesterday. I found that our family history goes back to 400 BC!! But, there is still more work to do and definitely a ton more temple work. I would encourage you guys to get more involved with it. I know it will bless us! For p-day this last week we went to a ruins here. It had a bunch of these burial sites/pits. There were real skulls and bones. I got a lot of sweet pictures. My time is running out! Please make sure that you guys are going to all 3 hours of church every Sunday. I know that you need it, and it will bless you. I have more to write, but it will have to wait. Give my love to the fam, to dad, and to my bro, David! Tell Sam and Jim, and Bonnie to write me please! I love you so much, Mom. Help David get used to the world again!

Elder Wilson

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