Monday, February 23, 2015

February 10, 2015

Our recent convert, Rubi, is doing ok. She hadn’t come to church on Sunday due to pain in her body. She has a really strong testimony and a strong resolve to follow the commandments. She has friends in the church and the bishop is working on a calling for her. She is amazing, and we’re working closely with her so that she can get to the temple to do baptisms this month, or the next. Last week, trying to get Rubi to church on Sunday to be confirmed, we had missed the chance to partake of the Sacrament. At first I had thought that we had a good reason to not partake, but I realized from this week that God doesn’t work like that. You either have the blessings from partaking of the Sacrament, or not. That is what seemed to have been our deterrent this week. However, Elder Yaguana and I are getting along a lot better, and we’ve gotten to know each other more this week. Also, we saw a miracle with an investigator whose wife is a less active. He had not been accepting the Gospel, nor did he want to go to church or anything. Then his wife got sick, and they had been getting closer to God trying to help her through it. She was super sick, and they were doing all they could to help her. Now, she’s feeling a lot better. She’s reading her Book of Mormon and praying with him at night. They have recently gone to get married in Chile and they have plans to get married here as well. He’s listening to us more and wants to go to church. It was amazing to see, and miraculous! Also, we did our Fast this past weekend, because of the fact that we weren’t able to take the sacrament and complete our fast last week. So we completed everything. We took the Sacrament and I honestly feel like I have the Spirit in my life again. I feel the presence of it, and it’s so apparent. My testimony of the Sacrament has grown a lot from this experience. It makes me want to teach the importance of the Sacrament better. Also, there were the young men and women that came back from EFY that bore their testimonies. It was really amazing! They all came back changed! It makes me regret a little bit never going to EFY, but I don’t think I would have liked it very much at that point in my life. Anyways, I felt the spirit literally come back into my life this Sunday. It was amazing!

We have a baptism this weekend of a man who is so ready to be baptized and change his life. His name is Alejandro. Please pray for him. He has a pretty tough week of work and stuff this week but he’s preparing for his baptism, and needs all the help he can get. He is amazing and willing to do what he needs to do. He accepted every commandment so easily, and is willing to make changes. We’re working really closely with him, and he’s progressing well.

I got a letter from you this past week, finally! I’m not sure why, but I haven’t received too much mail lately. It’s taking more time to get here in the south. The letter that you wrote about my patriarchal blessing and how promises are getting fulfilled…that was really amazing. I’ve been thinking about my progress thus far. I decided to rededicate myself once again. I’m finding that I need to do that often, and it helps. It’s something that I need to be doing daily. I’m trying really hard to do all that I can every day. I’ve been telling myself that this is not my time, it’s the Lord’s time. It pushes me to do better. As always, no time to write everyone else. I write you and President. Tell the family that I love them.

Love you with all my heart!
Elder Wilson

Picture: This is a watermelon that I bought for 4 soles. It’s about $1.50 or $2. Pretty sweet prices here on fruit if you look in the right spots.

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