Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015

Our Presidente told us that this week would be a week of miracles and it really was. We had a pretty miraculous week! For starters, our baptismal candidate: We went to do the pre-interview on Monday night and she told us that she had been thinking that she was ready to disappear and tell us to never come back. We had struggled to make that appointment work in the first place, because  first she wasn’t home, then we had to move the appointment. By the time we got there, she was just about to the point of telling us to leave and never come back. But, we got there with a member (a former Bishop) and he helped her to resolve some worries about her worthiness, and help her see that she really is ready for baptism. We left feeling a lot better and the Spirit was with us. Then just getting everything ready for her baptism which was on Saturday afternoon. We got it all going and she ended up coming late. We were finally able to effectuate the ordinance, and it all went well. (We had to clean the church and baptismal font for about 2 and a half hours that morning.) The baptism was awesome! She was really nervous and so was I! haha. But, I did it right. I ended up having to push her down in the water completely because her elbow was poking out (get down there this instant!). She had come from the university that morning, she got baptized, then she went to work afterwards. A pretty crazy day for her. Sunday was her confirmation as a member. We had a member connected to bring her to church in their car and we had called her earlier that morning to confirm the member connected and that she was ready for church. But, she didn’t show up for the Sacrament. She didn’t show up after the Sacrament. We searched and searched for her. We called her many times. We went to her house. So when she didn’t come, I was panicking. We went with the member during the Sacrament (missing the sacrament) and she wasn’t home. When we got to her house, there was an inactive member (a homeless drug addict) who had kneeled down in front of the car and snorted the drugs that he had with him. He literally kneeled down in front of the car, said a Catholic prayer, and snorted what he had. The weirdest and craziest experience I’ve had with a drug addict so far! He usually sits in a plaza in our area and begs for money to buy drugs. He begged for a Book of Mormon one time from me. I offered him a pamphlet instead because we can’t just give a BofM to whomever wants it. We set up appointments and then give it to them. He didn’t want the pamphlet because he wanted the BofM for the paper so that he could do drugs. I later realized that. Anyway, really crazy for me! Back to the story…Rubi, the young woman baptized, she had ended up having to go to a friend’s house that morning. The friend needed her help early in the morning, and Rubi’s phone clock doesn’t work well. She had thought that she was coming to church early, when really she was 45 minutes late. After the panic and the pleading prayers, Rubi came, and we confirmed her with 10 minutes left in Sacrament meeting. It was a crazy day with a miracle when she came just in time. I saw how Satan was working on her this week with mixed feelings, and I know that she was feeling so much pressure from her family and friends. My first baptism! She finally took the step that she needed to take! I know that we’re not done until she goes to the temple, has a calling, a friend, and everything is in place for her to be active. Now, we have plans for her to go to the temple this month. We hope that she’ll want to go on a mission sometime in the future. This week we’ve seen miracles happen and it’s been amazing to witness.

We were searching Thursday morning to find the service. We offered service to this one family who was building the second floor of their house. We contacted them, set a date on Saturday to go back, and we were able to meet with them. They were awesome and had lots of questions, but understood perfectly what we taught. They weren’t able to come to church but I know that they are going to progress with a little time.

Glad all is well with you guys. A couple of questions: how are you guys with going to church and staying all 3 hours? How is the goal to quit Beehive in March? What progress and plans do you have? Also, I didn’t forget that Kieran had a birthday. Tell him happy b-day for me please! Also, tell Dave I love his emails, but I had no time to respond. I’ll get to him next week. Tell Sam that I love the videos and the emails. I cried a little at the video of Paigey... I miss her so stinkin’ much! Tell the family I love them. This week is gonna be awesome for you guys. I know it. Tell David “good luck with everything” and “I love him” too. Let him know that he is still a servant of Christ (just without a plaque). Get to work! Haha. I love you so much, Mom. Thank you for everything

Elder Wilson

 1st baptism - Rubi

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