Friday, April 24, 2015

April 13, 2015

So, to answer the questions: the socks were needed because it’s nice to get new stuff (especially since the socks that I have are not very sturdy…gold toe). But, I’m good on clothes and stuff. A couple of shirts and garments have gotten stained in the wash from my laundry bag…I had written on my laundry bag with a permanent marker and they’re washing my laundry bag with my clothes. The marker has bled onto my other clothes at times. We don’t wash our own laundry, thank goodness. There’s no time for that. We drop our laundry off on Mondays, and we pick it up the next day. My comp is doing well. He is trunky and he knows it. I’m not trunky, so I’m keeping him busy. He’s a really casual missionary, but a really great guy. I’m trying to help him out. Just this morning I wanted to talk to him about a couple of things that we needed to resolve. Although he doesn’t take criticism very well, (nor does he ever give it out because he doesn’t want to receive it) I had to talk to him about a couple of things. So, I prayed for the spirit. I prayed that his heart would be softened, and I prayed for help. I was surprised, he took it pretty well. I phrased everything just the right way for him to be able to accept it and it all worked out. I was so happy because, seriously, I didn’t think he would accept it. I was blessed.

This weekend I was sick. I’m still trying to get over it today. I’ve been praying for the strength to keep going, and although I have been tempted to just sit inside and rest (having the right to do so) I prayed nonetheless for strength and perseverance. I prayed for the enabling power of the Atonement to carry me through the days. It was amazing how I was blessed. When I would wake up and we were in the house I could barely move. I had no energy nor did I feel good at all. But, as soon as we would leave the house ready to work and start walking, I was literally strengthened and given the energy and power to keep working. At night we would get back to the house, and I’d be dead tired. It was awesome. I was literally blessed with health and it was such a blessing!

We went to a beach in Paraccas. It’s a super tourist place. I had brought my clothes with me. (Even on P-day we have to wear proselyting clothes and then change during the day to go to play sports and stuff.) So, I had brought my clothes with me. When we were gathering all our stuff, I came to find out that my shoes weren’t there. Someone had stolen my shoes! Sooooooo, yeah, that part sucked about my week. Luckily, I have this extra pair from Walmart that we had bought just the night before I left. I’ve been wearing that pair this week. They are not very comfortable but they are shoes. I’ve looked here to see if there is even anything close to Eccos. Peru just doesn’t have anything for my size 12 shoe. It’s almost unheard of here because it’s so big! I think I’m gonna call that lady who fixed my feet a couple of months ago. I’m gonna order those orthopedic insoles to practically replace the shoes. Surprisingly, I wasn’t super upset about the stolen shoes. I’m not sure why. I was calm, upset for sure, but I think I was blessed to not be stressing or fretting. I got over it quick…trying to suffer patiently my afflictions.

About the mail: I get letters about a month after they are mailed. I recently got a letter dated last month saying that Eric is going to a country in Africa speaking French. That is way cool! And Thomas is going to Japan. Also sweet! I just read about Grandmom and PopPop. It saddens me to hear about their health. It’s good to hear that they’re getting closer to being back to normal health. I love those two so much. I would never want anything super bad to happen to them. Send them my love and gratitude, because I really do appreciate all that they do and have done for me and my family. I’m so grateful for the support that they offer me as well. I just can’t thank them enough! It would be awesome to have more pictures of the family together. A picture of all of you guys together with David. If you are going to send  a package through the mail, just remember those stickers of Jesus and the virgin Mary. I know it helps. The people are so believing and superstitious.

I’m loving my mission. It is really difficult sometimes. We have a less active that will not come to church for the 3 hours. It’s the story of my life here in Peru. Everyone has an excuse. They all justify their actions even knowing the commandment. It’s a difficult thing, but it’s just a part of the experience. I like the quote you sent me a while back. Those who are filled with the pure love of Christ do not try to force others to be better, they inspire others to be better. I’ve tried to remember that and apply it here. It’s helped me accept peoples’ agency better. I’m trying to help them, they just aren’t accepting it. I can’t force them to be obedient. The family pictures have really helped me to remember my greatest joy and happiness, and one of my main reasons for being here. I love you all so much. Please stay active in word and deed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Go to church for the 3 hours, please! haha. We watched a new movie that’s coming out soon called “Meet the Mormons”. It’s a great movie. I highly recommend it. It’s about the different sides of Mormon life. We watched it in Spanish and I understood it all. Sweet! Not sure if I’ve told you, but I’ve been dreaming in Spanish for the last couple of months. Interesting stuff!

Elder Wilson

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