Friday, April 24, 2015

April 20, 2015

So, the shoe situation. I have been struggling a bit with these ones, but trying not to complain. I did order the orthopedics, but the lady who is supposed to send them still hasn’t responded to let me know. About buying shoes here: I’m here in the south. I don’t think there’s any chance of finding shoes of good quality in my size (45 or size 12 U.S.). That’s almost unheard of here. Right now I’m just waiting for the orthopedics to get here. I imagine they’ll arrive in about 2 or 3 weeks. In the meantime I’m just here waiting patiently. So, about sending new ones…for now I’m just gonna wait and see how the orthopedics go. If they still don’t do very good, then we’ll see how I can get some good shoes from the U.S. Enough of the shoe situation. Nothing can be done at the moment.

This week was pretty good. We found 16 new investigators this week which is seriously something unheard of. It’s pretty difficult to find new people to teach but, what’s even harder is finding people to teach that are going to act on what you teach them. The mentality here is that it’s always good to listen, and to be nourished by the word of God. But, there are very few people that will keep commitments. They will always receive you in their house and listen to what you have to say. Aside from that, we were able to find 16 new investigators. What’s even more amazing, we found 4 new families, which is our focus here in the mission. I’m not too sure what it is that we did differently this week. I just feel like God has blessed us with how many people we found and how many we taught. It was awesome, and miraculous! Also, we found a family that at first I didn’t really wanna teach (to be honest). The dad of this young family had told us that his daughter is super religious and has found a Christian religion that she attends. Not wanting to have to fight with some nut who’s crazy into their religion, I didn’t wanna have to deal with that. We ended up meeting them and getting into their house, and they were so great! It’s a family who is really willing to hear the truth. They have even told us that while listening to us, they feel something different. This family is so great! I was tempted to not teach them just for what I had heard. Thinking about it, it’s a real way that Satan attacks us. He tells us that just because of the way that someone looks, they won’t be interested. He will bind our tongues so that we don’t talk to people that might be ready to receive the gospel. It happens way too often that I don’t talk to a family that we pass by. I’m really trying to build confidence and faith in talking to more people. It’s a struggle. The fear of rejection is very real. I’m trying to work hard on it. Something that is really helping is remembering the feelings that I have as I think of my family. The love that I feel for all of you, and how I know that we will always be together. This knowledge pushes me to want to talk to others and help them to know that. Even then, there are many people that don’t wanna listen. But, there are many that do want to listen. We just have to give them the chance to listen and they will use their agency to accept or reject. Then it’s on their heads.

We spent 5 hours this last week organizing our home teachers. We’ve been pleading for home teachers for over a month and they haven’t done anything about it. So, we spent the time to set it all up and now we’re gonna put it in the hands of the ward. It’s a real struggle here, getting the people to be diligent in their callings and assignments. It’s something that their just needs to be more excitement to do. Please be active in your callings and assignments. I would invite you to please be working home teachers. It’s something that I regret not being better and more diligent. Now I understand the importance of it. Please get on that!

We also had our service. We were practically mining out this area of stone so that this family can expand their house. I got my hands on a pick axe and I went to town. It felt so awesome doing it but, I destroyed my hand. I got a huge blood blister from it. Haha. I was assigned to be district leader for these last 2 weeks of the transfer because our district leader had an emergency transfer. I was called this last Friday to be the district leader. It’s alright. I sleep less because I have to report what we do in the district every night. I’m excited to be able to help other missionaries now with this new assignment. Good stuff. Thanks for all the love. I love you all so much. I’m excited to talk to you for Mother’s Day soon! Have an awesome week.

The church is definitely true, so stay true to the church!
Elder Wilson

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