Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015

These are some pics of this weekend’s baptism.. His name is Jeanpiere. He is super great! He’s 11 years old and his mom is a less active member that is returning to church. She wanted him to get baptized. She’s been bringing him to church for a couple of months now and we just recently found him. The baptism was pretty crazy though. They have something called the Peruvian Hour here, la hora peruana. They never get to their appointments or meetings on time. Never. The baptism was supposed to start at 4 o’clock. The family had gotten here in Pisco at 4. Then they started to make the preparations for a mini party afterwards, like a luncheon. Because of that, they weren't answering their phone, nor did they tell us anything. We were waiting and waiting but they never showed. After 1 hour and a half, we went to their house and found out what they were doing. We started the baptism at about 6:30 and finished at 7. The other ward had 3 baptisms that had to wait for us to finish. After all that time and all the worrying, we got it done. Jeanpiere finally got his elbow to go under the water after the 9th dunk. The man who baptized the kid is the bishop (the kid's uncle). He was confirmed on Sunday by another uncle, Miguel, who is the greatest guy ever. He has a lot of health and physical problems and because of that no one will hire him for work. Despite his problems, he always comes with us to visit and serve families. He is the most amazing guy. He confirmed Jeanpiere on Sunday and he was shaking really bad during the confirmation. He struggles to control his condition. He’s amazing despite all of his difficulties. Anyway, it was a good weekend and we were really happy that we were able to help this family. The bishop is so awesome and I personally have really grown to love that family.

In the cake picture, that spelling of baptism, bautizo, in English means christening or the catholic baptism. They don’t really understand the difference in the words. It should be bautismo. It’s just a fun fact here!

I got the insoles for my shoes. It’s like walking on pillows. Haha.  

Love you all so much!

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