Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 5, 2015

Here are some pics from the last transfer. I left my area in Pisco and I’m back in Lima, San Gabriel. My new companion is Elder Flores, from Peru (last picture). All is well here. I’m district leader here in San Gabriel. Apart from the fact that I’m tired, I’m excited to be here. Elder Flores is awesome. He is super happy and a hard worker. This area has a ton of hills so I’m finally gonna be losing weight. Which is good because if the scale in our room is right, I've gained like ten pounds...Oops. It was a nice reminder coming back. Lima is so different from the southern part of Peru. It’s cool being district leader, but it’s a lot of calling and coordinating. I don’t sleep as much anymore. Uggghhhhh... But, it’s cool being able to go on more exchanges and being able to offer support when someone isn't doing too hot. I also had an experience in our last zone meeting. We bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I was listening to everyone’s testimonies and thinking of what I would share. I was pretty nervous, but as I thought and wondered I came up with a lot of key moments that have led to my testimony of the Book of Mormon. As I bore testimony, the spirit reconfirmed that testimony with such power. I could really remember and feel the truthfulness and power of the B of M. I’m so grateful that I could have that experience. I just want to urge you to always be reading it. I don’t care how many times you’ve read it. Read it. I love the Book of Mormon and as I study it every day and share scriptures with investigators, my testimony of it strengthens.

Oh, the pic of me and my comp in the red chairs with the woman…she is the one that had the dream about me right after she got baptized about 7 years ago. She said that the dream was that I was preaching to her and her family. She had recognized me when she saw me my first day in Pisco. It was really amazing. I shared with her what it says in my patriarchal blessing about how I would find people in my mission that I knew in pre-mortal life. I said goodbye to her obviously. The babies that I have pics of are the bishop’s boy, his name is Luca. He is the craziest yet cutest. The chubby one is the grandkid of a bishop’s counselor. His name is Yogish. Also really cute.

I've been using the insoles that I bought but I feel like they’ll be wearing out pretty soon, to be honest. I’ll be on the hunt for a good pair of shoes here in Lima. For now all is well. I’m hanging on just fine. I love you all and am so happy for the new babies and smiling faces. That Connor is the cutest little red head, my goodness! Send me more and more pics! Have an awesome week. Give my love to Sarah. Know that I always pray for you guys. Time to go. Loves to dad!!

Elder Wilson

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