Friday, April 24, 2015

March 30, 2015

I’m not too sure what to write about. Not too much has happened this week. Like always, Sunday was an amazing day. I was sitting in church and I just felt the spirit once again testify to me how awesome and sacrificing my family is. I was reminded again of the importance of tithing. I remembered when we have had anonymous gifts left for us and just the fact that we have been so blessed. We are so blessed by the gospel. I’m so grateful for that help. I realized that I need to repent for not being more grateful. Thank you for reinforcing the importance of participating in the cleaning of the church. That is a very important duty for someone using the church. I've been enjoying contacting more people this week. It’s something that is kind of hard. I’m getting more used to it and it is getting to be more fun. Ha-ha,

Go watch the video that just came out. It’s called “He is Risen”. It’s amazing and I love it. Get involved in home teaching. Here they don’t do visits until they go inactive. That’s terrible, so please do it. I love the family. Give them my love. How are the grand kids doing? Tell the moms of them to write and give me updates. I’m out.

Elder Wilson.

Picture: A training session we had with a Seventy, Elder Waddell. He is over the northwest area of South America. He is so smart! It was a really cool experience and he told amazing stories. He said that the purpose of the priesthood is to seal families together in temples. I really liked that because that is our focus here in the mission, families. Good stuff!

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