Friday, June 19, 2015

June 16, 2015

This week has been a good one. We went to the temple as a zone and did a session. It was so awesome! We woke up at 3:45 in the morning, even though the session didn’t start until 8:30. Those darn lideres de zona (zone leaders)! It was so great to be in the temple! Even though I was really tired, in the session I wasn’t tired at all. It was great! It’s so amazing the covenants that we make with God and the things that He promises to us. The seriousness of all that we do there, well, it makes me a little sad and scared for people that are not going to church nor honoring the covenants that they have made. It was a reminder to me of all that we do and why we keep going even when the going gets rough. That was a cool new video as well. I had never seen that temple video before.

I’m loving the food here. And today I’ll be enjoying an afternoon nap. I’ve already planned it out. Haha. We went back to the temple on Saturday to bring a member to do baptisms for her family that had passed away (like her grandma). That was super fun. Also, we ate Subway on Thursday at the temple. A foot long here, if you just get it with ham and cheese, is 12 soles. It’s about 4 dollars, and no tax. It was a pretty sweet deal. We had transfers this week, and that’s why I’m writing on Tuesday. I’m still in my same area with my same comp. He is great and I’m enjoying my time here in Pamplona. It looks like I’ll still be district leader, which is fun. Sometimes it can be rough, but I’m just trying to enjoy and find the good in it. I have a few letters from you that I still have to read. The zone leaders told me that they received a lot of letters for me in the package. I’m excited to read those.

The picture of me in my jacket: I’m holding a little tiny cross that a members little sister had made, and gave to me and my comp. I realize it draws a lot of Catholic attention. In two weeks we’ll be having 2 baptisms. This couple who is super awesome and super ready to get baptized. They are dating, and before they were breaking the law of chastity, just like every other person in this whole forsaken country! (deep breath) But, after teaching the law of chastity to them, very clearly, and answering the questions and resolving doubts, they decided that they would keep the law of chastity from here on out and they would get baptized. Later down the road they will get married. It was great to hear that, because I’ve heard from others that they aren’t willing to get married. Blah blah blah. But, these people are so great. They are Jefferson and Sandy. Such great people.

That’s about all I’ve got for this week. It’s been awesome. I bought a teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith book while at the temple. I’ve been reading up on that. My testimony of Joseph Smith was strengthened watching a video on him this morning. He was a great man, and I testify of the divinity of his calling. I know, without a doubt, that he was a prophet of God, newly called on the earth to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands to restore the truth, knowledge and sanctity of the Gospel and the priesthood. I know it, and I will never doubt the testimony that I have received from God. I love this gospel! I love my savior. There is a book in Deseret book called “filled with mercy”. It’s a book of quotes from apostles and prophets, and people outside of the church as well. Just a bunch of quotes and thoughts on the Atonement. It’s great and I recommend it for you.

Concerning any upcoming package: another peanut butter and another toothpaste, just in case. Also, hmmmmm, beef jerky, more of those puddings, super delicious! hmmmm, cliff bars, really good stuff and just whatever you want. Those are just suggestions.

The gospel is restored, so stay true to the true gospel! 
Elder Wilson

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