Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

This week was a rough one. We weren’t able to find very many new investigators this week and our president had challenged us to do so. Even with that big disappointment I’m not discouraged or anything. Yesterday we had the great privilege to see the dedication of the temple in Trujillo, Peru (up north). It’s in a different mission,but every stake center in Peru symbolically changed into an extension of the temple. Every member in Peru could see the dedication without having to go there. Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorf came to Peru to do the dedication. The area presidency is Elder Waddell and Elder Uceda and they were there too. It was really awesome. On Saturday they did a cultural event in Trujillo. They did a ton of ancient Peruvian dances. On Sunday, there were three sessions to see the dedication. As missionaries we were only allowed to go to one of them. We went to the earliest one so that we could proselyte the rest of the day. But, when we got to the stake center, the signal was terrible and the video didn’t come up. For 2 hours we sat there waiting for the signal to come back. When the dedication finished, we had seen about 40 seconds of the dedication in different parts. We asked for permission to see another session but the zone leaders said no, because the rule was that we could only see one session. Seeing that we already went to a session, they wouldn’t let us go to another building to watch a different session. I called the Assistants and they gave us permission to go, but the other chapel was far away. We had to run to make it in time, because if you don’t get there in time, they lock the doors and you can’t get in. We barely made it inside. We got there as they were literally closing the doors. We saw the second session and it was awesome. It was the first temple dedication that I have seen.

Also, Jefferson and Sandy are supposed to get baptized on Saturday. They are dating and just now understand the law of chastity, so the zone leaders that did the interview are worried that they are going to have difficulty with the law of chastity after their baptism. They have to talk with President to get permission and advice. Anyway, that’s the deal with them. We’re praying for them.

We’re getting a new mission president next week. Lots of stuff going on it seems like. Anyway, I’m doing good. I’m getting closer to the point of the mountain…the 1 year mark. It’s kinda mind blowing, but here I am. Still fighting and working, trying to strengthen my testimony every day. I’m loving all the experiences here. I have received 2 letters from Grandmom and Pop Pop this past week and they were awesome. Please send them my love and my wishes for a Happy Father’s day and everything for them. I love them so, so much. Let them know that. I love you mom.  I love dad and hope he had an awesome day as well. We didn’t teach a single lesson to anyone yesterday because it was Father’s day. Everyone was partying and or drunk. Peru’s soccer team was playing Columbia, and everyone was watching that. It was the temple dedication, so the members weren’t even home to visit them. It was a rough day of walking, but I’m doing good. Don’t worry about me. I love my family. Always remember that! Stay classy!
Elder Wilson

Pics: Service activity that we did in San Gabriel. It was really high altitude. Also, a lunch we shared with a member called Nilton who accompanies us every day.

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