Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

So here are some pics from the baptism that we had on Saturday with Jefferson and Sandy. Also, the ice in the toilet is ice from our fridge that i thought would do something cool when we flushed it, so i took a pic expecting a before and after picture experience, but sadly nothing astonishing happened. but, i digress... umm, also there are pics of a parrot that i saw in a tree here. it was really interesting to see, cuz it's not like I'm in the jungle here in peru. I'm in Lima, the city, and there were actually about 3 parrots just chilling in this huge tree by the pavement. also i got a pic from a service activity we did, and also there are pics of a little boy and his family that the dad baptized his son on the same day as our baptism. 
Elder Wilson

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