Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20, 2015

I think I will need a new pair of shoes or something. I called the health secretary this week and told him that my feet just keep getting calluses, despite the insoles that I paid good money for. The insoles help, I would imagine, but they don’t solve the problem. He said that I might just have some sort of condition that I will always get calluses in those areas of my feet due to the way that I walk, my weight, my stature, my shoes, how much walking I do every day. There are a number of reasons, but the thing is I don’t think there is a solution for the calluses right now. I currently have 1 on both feet and I just cope with them. I’ll go to the doctor so that she can dig them out, but for now I’m ok. So, about the shoes, I would like that for my b-day. I’m not sure how you would send them so that they get here, but I’m a size 12, with a wide foot. Well, actually I’m more of a size 11 1/2, but for the wideness of my foot I’m more comfortable in a slightly wider size 12. The Eccos (that were stolen on the beach) were awesome, but whatever other long lasting brand would be just fine. I’ve actually been quite satisfied with these Walmart shoes. They’re lasting quite a long time for the amount of walking, even practically hiking, that I’m doing. But, they are starting to rip and wear down. That’ll be cool to get something soon. 

This week I hit a year in the mission. I have actually been kinda anxiously awaiting that day for the past month. As soon as June hit it has been on my mind. When Thursday finally came around we were in the temple (I met up with a couple guys from my arrival group). We all wished each other a happy year! It’s cool though. I don’t feel any different. I’m happy to be able to finally say that I have a year in the mission. It’s nice :)

This week we were able to place 3 people with baptismal dates for next month. One is a lady who has been an eternal investigator for years. She hasn’t been able to get married because her husband lives in Argentina and comes to visit once every 2 or 3 years. For that reason, she has just sat with her testimony waiting for something to change. She’s more excited now to get baptized, and we’re moving forward with the legal stuff. They’ll get married within a couple of days of her husband getting here in November. That’s the plan anyway. Also, we baptized Marina Blas Tomas the 11 of July. This past Tuesday we found and taught her parents. They were born and raised Catholic, and married in the Catholic church as well. Since their two children have now left the family faith for the Mormon faith, they decided to investigate. They said right off the bat, if we find that we like it then who knows, maybe well get baptized too.. wow! It was so awesome! This family has been prepared. I feel the spirit just talking about how awesome they are!! Seriously, the lesson we had with them teaching the restoration, the spirit was so strong and they accepted the date the first lesson! I love that family and I know that their baptism will happen. I just know it. We will work on the difficulties they have with the Sabbath day, but they are such amazing people!

It’s been a little up and down with my comp this week. Until now we have had many arguments, or disagreements, and we are currently good with one another. It’s been a pride issue, I think. He’s finishing his mission and he wants to have the best last transfer of his mission. He’s focusing too much on the little stuff. Whatever, I love him. He’s hard, sometimes, to love but I really do love him.

I’ve got one year to go. I’m excited for the future, but not anxious. I love my family. Let Grandmom, PopPop and Grandpa Wilson know how much I love and appreciate them. Loves and hugs!!

Elder Wilson

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