Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 28, 2015

This week was a really good one. First off, I had felt kinda weakened last Sunday for all the visits that we had made to less active members. Their lack of desire to come back to church or even strive to better themselves in any way. So, on Monday last week, I was reading in a red stress booklet that they give to all the missionaries to find something to cheer me up. I didn’t really find anything too good. Then I started to read my Book of Mormon, and whattaya know? I ended my personal study happy and feeling much better. That’s something that has really testified to me of the power of the Book of Mormon, it just makes me feel good and I feel happy as I read it. It was a nice little experience for me! Also, my comp told me last week that he is jealous of the fact that even though he is about to finish his mission, I know more scriptures than he does. Really, I wouldn’t say that I know the scriptures all that well. But, the spirit tells me what scriptures I could use, and they are brought back to my memory. It’s a really interesting thing that I experience quite often. 
Also, as we were setting up to take our zone picture on Tuesday, a monkey hopped the fence and joined the fun. Now, you would think that I’m in the jungle of Peru and I see exotic things all the time. But, no, that’s not how it is here. I’m in Lima, and it’s all city. There isn’t any jungle. An elder, who always plays tricks and jokes said “hey, turn around and look at the monkey”. I didn’t believe him at first thinking that he was joking. Then, he said it again. I finally gave in, and there was the monkey! It had escaped from its owner, and the owner was trying to get it back. Pretty funny day!

I did another interview of an investigator, Arturo, in another companionships area. He is an investigator who has been receiving missionaries for the past 5 years because of his wife. He had never decided to do anything. Lately he has just felt the need to change his life and get baptized. It was an incredible interview and I felt so blessed to get to know him. He has repented and is ready to serve the Lord. He is so committed and his testimony almost moved me to tears. He is an amazing person and I’m grateful to have known him even for an hour.

On Wednesday, we started prepping our room to paint it the next day. On Thursday we bought all the paint and stuff and started. We didn’t end up prepping the BLUE walls because the workers in the paint shop told us it wouldn’t be necessary. They said because we’re putting a (supposedly) darker RED on the walls that will cover it nicely. So we obeyed ignorantly. After the first stroke was on the wall, we were shocked at how poorly it looked. We panicked and got a member who knew what he was doing to help us out. He so kindly painted the first coat on the whole room. Then, we planned on finishing it on Friday. It took so long! We lost about a day and a half of proselyting! It sucked. It was so stressful and quite a pain in the but painting the room. Due to some thinking, we got the room to turn out well enough. It doesn’t look professional, that’s for sure. I never want to be hired to paint a room, ever! We painted it flag red and a darkish tone of white in honor of the colors of the Peru flag. It was an experience, for sure. Also, as you’ve noticed, this week was transfers. I got transferred to Villa El Salvador, in the ward El Sol 2. I will be District Leader with my new comp Elder Lesana. He’s from Argentina (my first from Argentina). This transfer I have made the decision to be more obedient, exactly obedient. Honestly, last transfer I had relaxed a tad bit too much. I was still obedient, but the little stuff was harder for me. So, this transfer I’m going to start new in my new area with my new comp, and we’re gonna do it good. My comp likes to box. He’s a short guy, but he’s strong. He’s cool, and so far so good, I can’t complain. Also, our room has two full bathrooms. It’s an awesome place. There’s a weight there made out of cement that’s really nice. My first weight that I’ve had.

I’m doing well family, and thank you mom for all the letters that I get from you. The weeks that letters take forever in coming, I get a little depressed, but, hopeful for the next week. At times the letters have piled up, and I receive 3 or 4 letters all at once. That happened last week. It was awesome! I love the family and miss all of you. The work is going well and there is lots of progress to be had here in my new area. Big huge hugs and kisses to all!!!

Elder Wilson

Pics: Garcia family that is super awesome! They are converts and really strong. We visited them every Sunday night. The visits strengthened me personally, seeing how the gospel blessed this wonderful family. I love them!

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