Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 21, 2015

I haven’t heard too much from home in the past couple weeks. I haven’t gotten a letter in about 2 or 3 weeks but I assume I will get like a million next week. They might come in a bundle. I don’t have any more time. It was nice seeing you in a photo that Sarah sent me of you holding newborn Jacey! I’m so happy to have a new nephew! Can’t wait to meet him and hold him.

This week was a good one. We had a clean the beach service activity as a stake. We saw dead seals and searched for sand crabs on the beach. Last Saturday we had a “missionary for a day” primary activity. The stake has been really cool lately. We helped the kids learn what to do in missionary situations. Also, we have an investigator, Ruth, getting baptized on Saturday. She had her interview yesterday. She chose me to baptize her even though my companion has more time here with her. It’s all cool and I’m excited for it! On Monday we didn’t have an appointment with her but, as we passed by her house I felt impressed to just see how she was doing and say hi. We did and she was really surprised by the visit, even questioning us a little abruptly. “What are you guys doing here, the appointment is for tomorrow right?” So we talked for a minute or two and then left. When we went to visit her the next day she told us that the day we talked with her and said hi she was feeling so down and discouraged. She said she just wanted to die. We were shocked. When we had come over she was facing those feelings. Seeing us helped her to forget those feelings and think on other things like the reading assignment we had left her. It was cool to see that I was able to respond to a spiritual prompting without even recognizing it!

All else is well here. We have lots of families with baptismal dates here. This area is awesome! The family that we live with is great too. I hope I’m here at Christmas time because. I want you guys to meet them via Skype! And, if past mission experience shows anything, the time will work out that I will be here during Christmas but with a new comp.

Anyways, love you and enjoy the pics. Have a great week and give my love to Grandmom and PopPop, please. I can’t remember, is this week one of their anniversaries or a birthday? Tell them I love them, miss, and appreciate them! And, also please give my love to Dad!

Elder Wilson

at the beach with Elder Canque

at the beach with the zone

At the beach

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