Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 28, 2015

First off, thanks for the birthday package. It got here on Saturday. I was planning on waiting until my birthday on Friday to open it and everything…you know, have it be a surprise...but I got up this morning and decided against it. I loved it!! Thanks so much for all the goodies. I still have a pudding box left over from the last package you sent me, and a beef jerky. Now I have double. I shared a few candies that they liked with the family that we’re living with. The sweet tart rope thing was really good too. I had never seen it before, nor the Nutella, which was also really good. I loved the shirt, although it does look pretty big. Sheesh mom, I said I’ve gained weight not that I’ve turned into a walrus. But, I still like the shirt. These are pics of me: opening the box, a baptism that we had last Saturday (a really crazy and emotional occurrence by the way), and that’s the cupboard of my desk where I stash all my goods. I also received like 3 letters and a trifold message in the mail, and a birthday package from Todd and Janeen with Utah chocolate truffles. The pic of the card of Jesus and the shampoo is something funny I found by accident. Easter season we had all these blue cards with a little message and website to see the “He Lives” video of Jesus. I bought this shampoo that is the brand “EL VIVE” which is “he lives” in Spanish. So, yeah, it was just funny to me.
This week was a good week. We worked hard in order to get Ruth baptized on Saturday. It was a whirlwind of problems right before her baptism: her mom got sick the day before (right after we left her house from teaching Ruth). She called us late on Friday night saying that she had to leave for Cañete (like 2 hours away) first thing in the morning. Luckily, her super close friend talked her into staying and getting baptized, confirmed, and then leaving. After all was said and ready, the time for the baptism came and there was almost nobody in the chapel…not even her. The service was gonna start at 3 and it ended up starting at like 5:30. Long story short, she showed up, we got started and everything turned out ok. I was chosen and privileged to baptize her. This was the first baptism where no problems occurred while trying to dunk her, which was really good. She has physical limitations: a limp when she walks so she doesn’t stand straight, and her hands don’t close all the way. But, it all worked out really well, and she shared a nice testimony afterwards. It was a great experience and a great day for her. She felt the Spirit really strong, and it calmed her nerves a lot. She said she was really nervous beforehand, and afterwards, she felt so calm and relaxed. Her heart came to a steady pace and she was actually smiling, which she normally doesn’t do. She’s doing good. 

Have an awesome week and as always, give my love to dad, the fam, and also to Grandmom and PopPop. I’m happy to read your letters hearing that they are recovering little by little and I’m going to pray for them more often!
Elder Wilson


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