Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 8, 2015

Hey there! So, I had a good week this past week. Me and my companion were able to finish out the transfer strong. I was excited for the transfers call when they came in Saturday night at 10 o’clock. My comp has had 3 transfers in this area. That is usually the limit for being in a single area, especially since I had just gotten there that transfer. It was practically a sure thing that he would be leaving. I answered the call and it turns out that I got the transfer. I’m heading out to Pachacamac, another area in Lima, as a zone leader. It surprised me. It’ll be my first time as a zone leader, but I’m really excited for it. I’ll be learning a lot and my new comp is Elder Canque. He’s my first comp from Chile. He’s super great, has almost 20 months in the mission, and he’s focused on the work which I love about him. We’re living with a family in their second story. It looks like the elders have been living here since the days of Adam. They have all sorts of stories. They’re a great family.

Looks like Jim and Sam have moved. I’m sad to hear about it, but happy for them at the same time. I just hope it won’t be too long of a ride to go see them...I’ll miss the family living so close when I get back! We went to the temple as a zone last Friday. It was so awesome being there. I truly love going to the temple. I love hearing in your letters that you guys go as a family. It’s so great being there with the family and I think that’s awesome. I can’t wait to do that too. I was able to understand everything at the temple. This time I did all the stuff, but understood it more and remembered things. It was cool to not be absolutely clueless in the temple for once!

I’m good on shoes now. A friend here, Elder Paramore from Oregon, sold me his shoes way cheap that he’s used for about a year. He wanted to just give them to me, but I gave him something. They’re Hush Puppies and nice for being more than a year old. It was really nice of him. So, for now, I’m good on the shoe situation. Actually, he offered them to me because he was in my same zone when my shoes were stolen. He knew I was suffering with the back-up Walmart shoes.

I’ve sent a pic of a treat they have here called “bon bon” which is just a Peruvian s’more. It’s really good and the marshmallow is more like the cream in a Twinkie. Super good! I’ve also sent a pic of shoes: the difference of a clean shoe, and how dirty the shoes get after walking in the dirt and sand all day. I thought it was sweet. Also, a pic of me and my comp at Subway, a pic of me and my zone leader in my old area Elder Krantz. He’s super cool. Last, Elder Canque in the black sweaters in the room.

Love you! I’m really grateful for all the love and for the letters and for the talk last week. It was great. I’m working hard and trying to make all the days count. Obviously some days are better than others. What Eric said is right. We are definitely not super heroes. We just do things the best we can, trying to be the best we can. I love this gospel! I really do and I’m glad to be here testifying of the restored truth and converting myself! Give my love to everyone because I have no time left!

Elder Wilson


dirty shoes

Elder Canque

Subway with Elder Lesana

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