Friday, October 23, 2015

October 19, 2015

Me and my comp Elder Canque have been playing Monopoly until really late sometimes. When the transfers came and we found out that he would be leaving, we decided to play one last game. It finally ended at 2:15am. There was no loser. We just determined the winner by how much money we had. He ended up with $15,000 and I ended with $9,000. It was fun, but I was super tired the next day and he even had to pack still...

I’m sending a pic of my new comp, Elder Hurtado from Colombia, Bogota. He’s cool, but his accent is something that I kinda used to make fun of before he was my comp. The whole mission knows him because he was in the mission office last transfer, and now he’s my comp here in Pachacamac. I’m staying here! Woohoo! We’re the zone leaders here now. He’s a really cool guy. His Colombian accent is just funny. Haha.

The pic of the letters are all the letters I just received in the last package that came this week. It was awesome! I now know why I hadn’t gotten hardly any mail the last month. Haha. One of the letters came in a Postal Service "I’m Sorry" type of package. Somehow the letter that mom sent me got ripped to pieces. They sent me some of the pieces. It was a letter from September 9. I won’t know what happened that week, I guess. The last pic is a service we did as a zone. Enjoy the pics!

This week was cool! We bathed the dogs that we live with. This time, in order to bathe one of the dogs, we had to borrow a tranquilizer drug from a member who is a veterinarian. We gave him a ton of the tranquilizer and he finally calmed down to the point that he hardly moved as we bathed him. Otherwise, he tries to bite our hands off when we cover him with water and shampoo. I’m waiting for my old comp to send me the pics of that. It was funny! Also, we did interviews for 5 people this week that are getting baptized here in the ward, but they are from the other missionaries that we share the ward with. Oh, I have a question. Do we have missionaries in the ward? Or in the stake, and if so, how many are in the stake? I would love for you to find that out for me. Before the interview, I was feeling unprepared and not ready to conduct the interview. So, in another room of the church before the people came, I knelt down and prayed sincerely for forgiveness. I tried to sincerely ask for help to be better, and to be able to do the interview with the guidance of the spirit to know if these people really were ready to be baptized. It was an awesome experience! Immediately the bad feelings that I had were taken from me, and I felt at peace to be able to do the interviews. The people got baptized on Saturday and the next day at church they were confirmed. Because there were 5 confirmations and it took quite a while to do them all, there was only 10 minutes left of sacrament meeting for a talk. My comp gave it and it was cool. We also met a returned missionary who is a pioneer of the church here in Peru. He has been a member for 52 years. That’s almost unheard of here! He’s gone through lots of crazy stuff in his life: he’s been less active for about a year or so, his wife, to whom he is sealed, left him for another guy. He is heartbroken over it, and having been a branch president at one time and a bishop, he knows a lot. He told us his greatest concern is that he won’t be able to make it to the celestial kingdom with his family anymore, due to the actions of his unfaithful wife. It made me so sad hearing his story. Feeling the spirit strongly, I reassured him that everything will be made right in the Millennium, and that God will not hold back any blessing from his faithful children.

Anyway, some great experiences this week! Some crazy stuff happened as well with disobedient missionaries but, I’m loving being out here. I honestly feel like this is my life now and that I live here. It’s great and I love this area!

Hope all is well. Thanks for the love. As always, give my love to the fam!
Elder Wilson

Elder Hurtado from Colombia

Great day for letters

Monopoly game

Service Project

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