Friday, October 30, 2015

October 26, 2015

I’m actually sick right now. I’ve been sick for about 5 days or so....Hahaha. Lesson learned…no more Monopoly until 2am. The only thing that I think about is sleep. I’ve been so tired this past week, trying to recover what I lost. My new comp isn’t really into that so it’s not happening anymore. It’s not exactly permitted. I’m just dealing with stuffy nose and tiredness, other than that, I’m doing fine. Haha.

Just want to say that I love you and that I miss you. Today was pretty stressful in the morning. We couldn’t find working internet, and besides that, the power was out in an entire block. It sucked! We walked for about an hour just looking and asking for where we could go. We finally got here, and the power went out in about 15 minutes!...Erghhh. It came back on in about 20 minutes. There have been lots of things today that have kinda put me on edge and stressed me out. Now I’m just trying to think of something to write you from this week. Sorry, I’m just pretty distracted with all the noise that these kids here are making. I’m doing well here, just today, right now, I feel a little stressed out. This computer has some sort of virus and it messed up all the pics that I wanted to send home. Now I have to get my USB cleaned up today.

This week we did a service for a lady that should be on the show "hoarders". Her house was a disaster, and this was the second time that we’re doing service for her. It’s really sad because she has little kids to take care of. Even their strollers are filthy. Well, we helped her. We also taught an awesome lesson with Jose and Marilu. It’s a family that we’ve been teaching since I got here last month. They finally have a set marriage date for the November 6. Their baptism will be for November 7. They are so awesome. We were teaching them, and they started to share with us their testimonies of how the gospel has blessed their family. It’s amazing to see how they have been blessed in the short time that they have known the gospel. I felt the spirit so strongly with them, and we were all touched by that lesson. It was so great. Also, yesterday, we were teaching a recent convert family that has plans to get sealed the end of this year. The dad has been really depressed lately with all the bad that has been happening in his family. His son is hooked on drugs and just wants to do his own thing. The dad hasn’t come to church in a couple of weeks. So, we taught them and the spirit just worked through me. I said what he needed to hear and he even thanked me for telling him that stuff. He is so great. He just needs to know that God has a plan for him.

Thanks for the letters mom. They were awesome, especially the one about "D" from Beehive. That was a great story!

Love you so much!
Elder Wilson

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