Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nov 23, 2015

Don’t worry about the recipe thing…I just want them because I want to be able to bring something else to the normal food that we eat. That isn’t my way of saying “I don’t like the food”. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, and I would like to offer them a real Thanksgiving experience…if they want it. Also, I want to be able to make stuffing any old time of the year (if the occasion calls for it). So, thanks for the recipes. I won’t be imposing them upon anyone!

This past week was a fun one. We had a meeting in Surco with President this past Wednesday. It was really good. We have this new thing where we go and visit the active families in the wards, not just investigators and less actives, to encourage referrals from them. Also to be able to help them renew their testimony of the gospel and the first vision, and to help them feel the missionary spirit. It’s been really fun. We visited the old stake president and his family yesterday. It was awesome! A really nice visit. Also, on Saturday we proselyted with Jose Santillan (the guy we baptized last Saturday). As we were teaching with him he was sharing his personal story with just about everyone of how the gospel has blessed him. It was awesome to hear his fresh and sincere testimony again and again. While with him, a lady walked up to us in the street. Well, first she sent her 11 year old daughter to talk to us, then she came. She asked what she needed to do to go to our church. She’s heard so much about it and wants to attend. It was awesome! She sincerely said that she’ll go this Sunday. I’m really excited for that. Now, don’t get me wrong, here that happens quite often but, this was one of the only times where you could actually tell that she meant what she was saying. Lots of people say that they will come and it’s obvious, or at least I can detect it now, but this lady said it sincerely. It was really cool.

There are 2 scriptures that I want to share with you this week. Isaiah 25:8-9. and Helaman 12:23-24. I read these scrips this past week, and they really spoke to me. It was really cool. I haven’t been very constant in the new initiative of ponderizing. But, when I found these scriptures I wanted to ponderize the messages that they contain. Please read them and let me know how you felt while ponderizing their meanings! I had a meeting with President McGinn this past week, and we were talking. We started talking about the Atonement and its infinite capacity to heal every person and every wound. Not just sins, but for emotional problems, physical sicknesses, and even spiritual apathy. President shared with me his testimony on the Atonement in that meeting and as he did I could feel the power of his testimony. I shared with him that I still don’t fully understand it. I still don’t comprehend how it can heal a person such as I, but he had me know that it can, just as it can with every person on this earth. To this point of my mission I would think that I might know a little more, but I realize more and more that I don’t completely get it just yet. What I do know is that Jesus died for me, that he sacrificed his life, not for us to be sad, but to use that gift, to find strength in our weaknesses, to find comfort in discomfort, and to find forgiveness in the believed to be unforgiveable. I don’t have the testimony that I would like to have about the Atonement, but it’s something that I am trying to find. Just wanted to write you and let you know that not everyone is perfect, and I know that there is a lot of improving and changing that I need to do in my life. But, I know that the way to go about it is with the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only true gospel on the earth today. 2Nephi 31:21.

Love you mom! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and that you all take a nice long nap due to the supposed natural sleepy drug in the turkey. Give my love to the family and stay sweet!

Elder Wilson

Pics: P-day at the beach. Kevin, from the family we live with, opened his mission call. He’s going to Colombia, Bogota North Mission and he leaves in 20 days after turning 18. He’s really cool. The funny thing is, my comp is the first Colombian missionary that this family has hosted. Kevin will be going where my companion’s family lives in Bogota. It’s a small world after all!

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