Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 9, 2015

The rat issue: it did come out one time and my comp saw it scurrying across the closet floor. My ties are hung really low to the ground. The rat was able to get hold of one of them (my Easter tie that you got me like 2 Easters ago). It chewed a little piece off of it and brought it down into its little cave-hole. I saw a piece of my tie showing in the middle of all this ripped cardboard and I struggled a bit to pull it out. It smelled horrible. I washed it once but, it didn’t help. I sent it out to get washed by our laundry guy and now it only smells a tiny bit. It’s cool. It’s got a cool story now. Haha. I remember those rats that we rat-sat as kids. How could I forget? Mine was Ratso and my brothers all made fun of him calling him “Ratso fatso”! Haha. I did like that rat even though I realize now that it was gross.

My luck has been fine even after breaking that elephant’s trunk. Haha. Generally the people here are not superstitious in the same way that we Americans might be (black cats and walking under ladders). The elephant thing is mainly just for decoration and tradition. They really believe in black magic and witches, casting curses on people, and stuff like that (calling on the devil to do bad things). They all believe it here and have at least one story about it.

This week was cool! As you saw, we went to the temple. I did what you always write me about and tried to pay attention to details. I saw something that really interested me on the painting on the ceiling. It looked like God standing on the earth and all the posterity beneath him. It was cool. I always like going to the temple. I also bought the movie “Meet the Mormons”. If you haven’t, watch it. It’s a great movie! I also got “Amazing Grace”. It’s about abolishing slavery in England like in the 1700s. I remember I saw it in a high school history class. Our mission president has approved it to watch as a zone so I bought it while I could.

We met an excommunicated man this past week. We thought he would be like the other less active guys that decide that God doesn’t exist anymore. It was totally opposite. He has gone through so much and realized more and more that God still loves him. He wants to go back to church and start over. He came to church yesterday, he and his wife and it was awesome. He said to me that he’s “here to stay”. He loves it here! It was great! His name is Edmundo and he’s awesome. We have a marriage and a baptism this week because the last week it didn’t work out due to a witness that couldn’t attend. Now it’s a sure thing. I’m really excited for Jose and Marilu to get married and baptized. They are converted and so ready for this. I love them!

I went on an exchange with the same elder that was my comp in the MTC in Mexico. He’s a district leader in the zone and we got together this past Friday. It was awesome to spend time with him again. We filled each other in on our families and our lives. His name is Elder Winnie from Alpine, Utah. It was a really good day. We had a ward mission night and watched a brand new video about the importance of scripture study. It’s got the start like “What would have happened if the Lamanites found Moroni before he could bury the plates?” It was really interesting. I recommend it!

Also, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but, I want you to please send me Thanksgiving recipes that I can make. I want to teach the recipes to my pensionista. The family recipes of stuffing, gravy, the turkey making process, Grandma’s coleslaw, please! And delicious pies maybe. Thanks! Have an awesome week and give ALL my love to the fam.

Loves and kisses!
Elder Wilson

 Nov. 5th Zone temple trip

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