Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 18, 2016

This week has been so awesome! It’s been such an adventure opening up the area and not knowing anything. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple area to learn. The bad part is when someone says that they live by a certain bus stop number, that doesn’t help much. The hills that are on both sides of the main road are ginormous!! They either live on one gigantic hill or the other one across the street! Apart from all the walking, climbing, and death defying that we have been able to enjoy this past week, I love my new companion. His name is Elder Morales. He’s from Peru, Chiclayo. Interestingly, I already had a companion called Morales, in Pisco. I don’t know if you remember. This Morales is energetic, wants to be obedient, funny and loves to work. He’s a great guy and missionary and he’s 22. He’s my 2nd son and I love him. We had interviews with president this past week and I told him that we’re loving our time together. Honestly, I have no worries or concerns with my new comp. He is so great and really willing to improve. He asks me all the time what he can do better. He’s teaching as if he had like 8 months in the mission already. He’s amazing.

I’m gonna be losing weight here because it’s hot and I’m walking huge hills. I’m somewhat happy about that..! My abilities to teach and stuff have improved due to my need to learn more and take the wheel, take control of stuff. My goal with my new comp is to turn a blank page and be exactly obedient no matter what. I’m so excited about it, and so is he. We’re doing really well with it too. We’re trying super hard to do all that we can to be 100 percent obedient. I love it! We’re super excited, really happy, and I don’t really have anything to complain about. The area is great, there are some great people. We already have a baptismal date for February with a sister, Jenny Sanchez, so I can’t complain! Well, I’m doing great mom! Hope you have a great week. Say hi to the family for me, let them know that I’m doing really well here! Loving my time, and I’m really ready to make these last 6 months count! So excited!

Elder Wilson

Elder Morales

Villa Maria

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