Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 4, 2016

The thing about dreams here is that everyone, literally every single person here (maybe all of Latin America or all the old time/Catholic traditions I would imagine, they ALL believe in dreams. Every dream is a revelation from God or from the devil but, every dream has to mean something. The investigator, Pilar, that has been waiting for a divorce that her husband won’t give to her. She dreamt that you, my mother, were calling her and bidding her to enter into heaven. As you guided her, she felt bad or something. It was like a sign for her that she needs to get moving and get baptized to save herself and her family because she missed her family while she was there. She’s never seen a pic of you or anything, but they have this thing where they get any gringo (American) mixed up. Like every American looks alike. Interesting. The less active sister that we rescued a couple weeks ago, Milagros, that I have told you about. She dreamt a while back that the rapture (that’s the catholic version of the second coming) was upon us. She went to heaven, but her family stayed on the earth. She tried talking to them, but she couldn’t because she was in spirit prison or something. Maybe it was that she died and was in spirit prison and couldn’t talk to her family because she was trapped. That dream was like a big sign for her that she needs to get moving and really get serious about the church. She was already being awesome, it was just a wakeup call for her, I guess. It was also a wakeup call that she needs to help her family to find the church. Milagros is amazing! It’s just that, as I’ve mentioned before, her husband (that she’s not married to) doesn’t wanna get married…yet. But, we’ve been able to talk to him and have conversations and stuff with him. Little by little he’s been opening up to the idea of the church, or at least to us as we’ve been gaining his trust. His name is Lisnen. He’s a nice guy, just hot headed sometimes and doesn’t like talking about the church and marriage. He’s busy with his work, but whatever. I know he’ll relent sooner or later. Milagros is doing really great. We gave her the picture of the temple that we had written on the back for Christmas. She gave us really nice couch pillows that she had ordered to be made for us. It was awesome! Anyway, that’s what went on with the dreams and stuff!

The new year has now begun! It’s super cool. I’m excited for this year…my last little bit. I’m also excited, yet nervous, for this weekend. This Saturday is transfers, and it’s extremely likely that I’m outta here. It’ll make me sad. I love it here and I love the people but, I’ll accept whatever comes obviously.

We had really awesome lessons this week with a couple people that just haven’t been committing to read and come to church. One lesson that was like the most powerful yet shortest lesson I’d ever taught, a less active man, Edilberto. It was awesome! We talked about the commandments, the Sabbath day, and tithing. The spirit was really there and testified to us all of the truth and what he needed to do. It was great. He committed right there. Yet despite the spirit and the truth of it, he still didn’t come to church. Sad. But, we’re gonna keep trying with him and his family. Also, we taught Hugo. He’s been having troubles accepting a few commandments. Not that he won’t do them, just that he doesn’t quite get them. We’ve extended his baptismal date for later in the month, and I probably won’t be here for it. It’s fine. I’m happy for him though. He’s so excited to get baptized and to keep learning more. He’s got initiative, which is awesome. We don’t have to be holding his hand for every little thing. I love it! He made a commitment with his 15 year old that if he comes with him to church then he’ll give his son like a different school schedule. The son has been asking to switch schools for a while to have more free time and stuff. He’s gonna do that for him if he goes to church with him. It was awesome.

We were asked by our bishop to get the chapel ready for his kids’ baptism on Thursday. We did and there was hardly anyone there. It was still cool. We were the witnesses for it. I had to correct the bishop on the baptismal prayer because he said it by the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood. That’s not how it goes. Anyway, everything turned out ok. New years was cool. There was hardly anyone home. It’s been a long party weekend for most people. Now we’re back to normal, and that gets me excited.

I hope all is well at home. I’m excited for this new year. I wanna give it my all and OPEN MY MOUTH in every moment. It’s one of my goals for this year. Also, to read the Book of Mormon 2 more times before I leave. Also, just so you know, I’ll be finishing around July 10 or so. Not to be trunky, just to give you the heads up. I think that is a Sunday. I’ll be home that coming Tuesday or Wednesday or something. That’s the last I’ll say about that. Give my love to dad and the fam! Also, one of the kids in the family that were living with sent a happy birthday message to Dad. Tell him to check his Facebook for it please.

Elder Wilson

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