Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 1, 2016

No time. I’m only using a little bit of time this p-day to write because we have some things to do.... I’m doing really well. I got like 10 letters this week. The oldest one is dated 29 of October of last year! Haha. I just recently found out that Uncle Shirley passed away. That’s sad. It’s kinda funny that I found out about it like 3 months after it happened... I’m doing great. Next week I’ll write more.

Have an awesome week. Thanks for the letters and the testimonies!!

Love you all,
Elder Wilson

Pic of our last p-day. We played speed, poker, black jack, and Uno. It was fun. We bought a liter of ice cream to top it all off. It was simple but really fun.

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