Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 29, 2016

We were looking through a list of SUPER less active members of the church that haven’t come to church in years. One of the families was the family Diaz. As we were searching for their house, we found an old address and her mom who was also less active. She told us that she’s been sick and for that reason hasn’t been able to go to church. She told us where one of her daughters lived and that daughter gave us the phone number of the sister that we were actually looking for. After calling her and getting a rough indication of where she lived, we went searching one morning. After lots of sweat and asking around, we found her! We weren’t able to teach them at that time because we didn’t have a brother accompanying us and they were all women so we couldn’t go in. We made an appointment, and went back in like 2 days. In that return visit, she told us that she had just had a dream like 2 nights ago (btw: the people here believe so much that their dreams are revelations from God, and that they almost always come true). In that dream she had seen a dragonfly come in her house and leave. To her it was a revelation that a man is going to go and meet her in her house (if it would have been a butterfly in her dream, then that would mean a woman would go to her house). She told us that and realized that her dream had come true. All her children realized it too. They were all so happy that we had come to visit them. They were amazed that we could find them because they hadn’t gone to any church in more than 10 years. Now they’re living up a huge hill. Well, it was a great experience. It’s one of those miracles that helps me know that the Lord is preparing people for the gospel here. 2 of the mom’s (Julianna) daughters aren’t baptized yet. In the next visit we invited one of them to baptism, Pamela, and she said yes. I’m really excited for her. She’s really interested in knowing if this is the right path for her. Anyway, it was an awesome experience we had with that family. The lesson we had with her was so spiritual. It was awesome because she could recognize it too. Stuff like that happens all the time. Sometimes I’m just bad at recognizing the greatness that happens all around us every day. I know it’s not because we’re awesome missionaries, but because God has a plan for all his children. Us being in his service, he helps us to make that plan known to the rest of his children sitting and waiting in the spiritual darkness.

Give my love to the family and keep the questions coming! I’ll do my best to answer them. I think a central point in Lima would be San Juan de Miraflores, Look it up but find a SAFE and SECURE area. Be VERY CAREFUL!!
Love you so much!
Elder Wilson

Pics: 2 weeks ago right before we had transfers we got a pic as a zone. Also, the pic of what looks like a candle light meal was a candle light meal of homemade pizzas that we made. They were so good, and it came out a lot cheaper than buying pizzas here. Pizzas here are crazy expensive and they don’t taste good. The only good pizza here is from Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. All the others are gross, sadly. Our pizzas were so good! Enjoy!! And the drink that’s on the table is horchata, Mexican rice water. We ate with 2 Mexicans that are companions and so they taught us how to make it. It was really good, authentic!

We made a food they have here called Arroz Chaufa. It is delicious and a specialty of Peru. I love it and it turned out really good. I recommend it to all that are able. Look it up on the internet and make it at home! I have learned it from my comp. It’s really simple. It took us about 30 to 40 minutes. Totally worth it. We obviously ate it with horchata again because one of the Mexican companions is still here in the ward. It was so fun.

The pic of me laying down on the small divider/wall is during our weekly planning session. I was bored and didn’t feel like planning. I just couldn’t concentrate. I get hit with sporadic ADHD. I decided to rest there for a minute. A 4 hour planning session every single week. Gotta love the mission sometimes!

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