Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 23, 2016

This week was great. We are still teaching a man called, Cesar. He hasn’t ever come to church yet, and we’ve been teaching him for about 3 weeks now. We’ve been praying a lot lately for him to feel the desire to go to church. We ended up going to visit him for the first time with a member. In the lesson, we had planned what we were going to teach and at one point, very specifically. When we got started, Elder Morales felt impressed to tell him to pay more attention to the whisperings of the Spirit. So as the lesson was going along, it was obvious that his normal personality of not committing to church and not wanting to make any hasty decisions, had changed. He was much more receptive to what we were teaching about the Sabbath Day. At the end of the lesson, we felt impressed to invite him to church and he accepted! It was great to see how the Spirit guides us as we let ourselves be guided. He went to church on Sunday. Out of the 3 houses that we had planned on going to visit to pick up investigators, he was the only one that was ready and waiting for us since early in the morning. It was great. He liked the experience. We visited him at night, he seemed to understand a lot more of the lesson, and he participated a lot more too. I’ve really enjoyed teaching him, and we’re so happy to see the progress that he is making in the Gospel as well.

Well, I’m really excited for this transfer. It’s gonna be 8 weeks long and a transfer is normally 6 weeks. I’m happy that the Lord sees fit to trust me this transfer to be a District Leader and I’m really excited to continue teaching here with Elder Morales in Nueva Esperanza. I’m doing really well. I’m excited for this transfer and to continue learning from my companion. He’s great! We’re doing well getting along and working together. We’ve had many opportunities to grow closer together and we’ve developed a good relationship.
Well, I hear that everyone is mad at me for never writing back. Please know that I try. Maybe I’ve gotten lazy in internet lately. I just never think of stuff to say, but whatever. I’ll try to do better! Have an awesome week and know that the gospel is so rewarding!
Elder Wilson

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