Monday, February 22, 2016

February 15, 2016

Haha. I just remembered about the classic “hoody hoo”!! Good times...

This week was good. We found lots of new people. We’ve been seeing lots of miracles lately. We went to look for a less active family that we found in the ward directory a couple weeks ago, and we found Jose Fernandez. He seemed really interested in the message and told us the days that we could drop by. We went to see him yesterday and we found his sister Luzmila. She was very respectful and kind with us, unlike many people that will say anything to just to make us go away. (It’s really funny. Very rare times do we hear rude things because they respect us as preachers of the good word of god. But, they don’t really care what we have to say. Like the real meaning or difference of our message.) Luzmila was receptive, but just like almost everyone we meet, she doesn’t hardly have time to sleep because of her job (long hours and far away). We gave her a card and had a nice talk anyway. Then, today in the morning she sent us a message asking for some spiritual advice. We sent her some tips, but tried to let her know that we would love to talk with her face to face about the topic. Anyway, it’s something that never happens unless someone is really interested. They don’t contact US. WE have to contact THEM. We’re hoping to see good things from that. 

Yesterday we went to pick up a couple to bring them to church. It is a family that lives at the highest point of everyone that we teach on this one specific mountain. We got up there and we had to wait for them to get ready. We sat in the shade of a shack house next door and just enjoyed the amazing view and the cool breeze of the hot morning. It was amazing! We said a prayer of gratitude up there and I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. My mind felt really clear. It was great!

I got lots more letters last week from home. Still getting some from November but  that’s cool.. Happy to hear that we finally got a new car! That’s so exciting. How’s the big green van doing? I’m doing well, please know that. Have an awesome week!
Elder Wilson

Pics: Ginormous hill in our area. There’s a family that were teaching that lives on this hill so my comp brought his camera up there to take some selfies. It’s an amazing view. The area that I’m in is practically divided by the bus stops that they have. It goes from bus stop 7 up to bus stop 16. The hill is in bus stop 10, but if you go down the other side then you get to bus stop 4. It’s really an amazing view, super high up, and just imagine how the people had to bring all their furniture, tv, wood for the walls, and everything up there. It’s a heck of an adventure. That’s the sacrifice that they make just to have something to call their own. Almost no one in these parts of Lima has the money to rent an apartment let alone buy a small house. Loans are death warrants here because the people who have debts to pay end up working at least 12 hours a day, AT LEAST, just to pay off small chunks. They don’t get days off hardly ever. It’s literally a job that is 7 days a week, with a vacation in VERY rare occasions. The guy were with is our ward mission leader, Freddy. He’s awesome, always so willing to help us and accompany us!

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