Friday, June 3, 2016

May 16, 2016

Don’t even stress about the call. It wasn’t a big deal for me because I was just thinking the whole time that I’ll be seeing you all soon. Whatever it was that we would talk about would just be something more. I loved being able to see you all too, and just talking with you and dad was all I wanted. It was great…all I could have asked for. I love the greatness and the size of my family! It’s not something that I would be upset about seeing in a call home. Thanks for your comforting words!

This week was awesome. We went to an oasis called La Huacachina last P-Day.

I had an awesome interchange with an Elder from St George, Elder Rowley. He’s really humble and desirous to change and improve always. I felt the spirit strongly with him. Our lessons were really guided and I feel like it was the best day I’ve had so far in Ica. It was a great day that really excited me for the rest of the week. We also had a training meeting with President last Friday. That was awesome. We did practices on how to start conversations with others to share the gospel with EVERYONE! It helped me to open my eyes to how rewarding it can be to just talk with someone and be friendly with them even if there’s not much time to "teach" them in the street. It’s awkward doing that anyway, but talking with someone is easy and fun!

My comp, Elder Peña told me last Thursday that this transfer he’s felt the spirit a lot more frequently and more strongly than his first transfer. I know that he didn’t say it to tell me that I’m the best and that no one’s cooler than me. I’m just telling you it cuz I really liked that he is able to recognize the spirit with me. It helps me to know that even if I can’t always rate or measure the success that I have as a trainer, at least my comp is feeling the spirit and feeling the presence and love of god in his life as we go about His work. He doesn’t share many personal things with me about the gospel and his feelings. When he told me that it made me feel good about the work and the efforts that we are making together.

I’m so glad to hear that dad is doing well after his surgery. He sent me an email, which helps me relax a bit. I know that the Lord has been protecting you guys these past 2 years, and I know that He will continue to do so. I love you mom. I love this gospel and I love the answers that the Lord gives me to my questions. I love the comfort that he gives me in my times of most need. I love my family and I love that I will be with you for all eternity! Have a great week. Know that I’m doing well and loving my mission so much!
Elder Wilson
logo pequeño
Misión Perú Lima Sur
Here’s pics we got when we went to a major tourist destination called La Huacachina. It’s a huge sand dune with an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It’s got its fair share of legends. Some say that years ago you could drink and play in the water, but shortly after more and more people started finding out about this awesome oasis in the middle of nowhere. People started going out on the water and then disappearing, they never came out. It’s believed that there are mermaids that live in the water. Haha. Walking up the dune to get to the top was so sketchy. The ridge was so narrow that I got spooked and was left perfectly frozen. I couldn’t move for about 10 minutes because I had looked over both sides and thought I was gonna fall. It was a scary moment, but I got over it shortly. The view was awesome. There was so much sand that we covered our heads like Arabic people. Sweet. I got a video of me jumping down the dune, but the video is too big to send. Lame.... It was an awesome day! On top of the dune we met some German people that took pics for us. They were nice. They are here for vacations and we shared with them a little bit of what we do and offered them any help we could while they are here in Peru. They mentioned to us that they don’t speak any Spanish. We offered to help them with anything they might need. They were really nice!

Pic of me with the Book of Mormon open…look at the name of the restaurant in the sign. Moroni! Hence, the picture!

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