Friday, June 3, 2016

May 23, 2016

I keep praying that Dad can recover and that all can be well with him. Please let him feel my love and know that I am always hoping and praying that he can be doing better. 
This week was a really good week. We’ve been using lists of members that aren’t signed up in seminary and institute, young men that haven’t advanced in the priesthood yet, and many other lists that we asked for from our ward secretary. With those lists, we have found many people that didn’t want to know anything about the church, many people had moved, and other houses that just never answered the door. After going for the fifth time to a house that hadn’t answered before, a little boy answered and told us that the kid we were looking for lived around the corner. We then found the 18 year old we were looking for, Jorge. Turns out that he got baptized 2 years ago and now has a child with his partner, Gabriela. We started teaching them and they told us how they are recently getting back together after a fight they had. The terms of getting back together is that they devote themselves to God more and that they start attending a church. Jorge is a member, but Gabriela isn’t…yet. We taught them later with the Bishop, who is a good friend and neighbor of Jorge. They went to church on Sunday. They are excited to get married and baptized. They’re a really young family. They both are 18 years old. It was amazing to hear how just 2 weeks earlier they had decided to get closer to God as a family. We taught them the Family Proclamation yesterday, and they loved it. Well, I’m excited to work with them more and to help them on this road to get closer to the Savior and use His Atonement. We also found a less active woman and her partner this week, Catalina and Cesar. She went to church on Sunday, and she will be receiving lots of support from her parents too. We found a sealed family yesterday with the Bishop. It turns out that they just needed a small push so that they could get active again. They committed to going back to church and starting over again. It was a really spiritual appointment, and they felt the need to do the right things in their lives. It was awesome. They took it as a sign from God that the Bishop and us had gone to visit them right when they needed it.
Lots of good things are starting to happen here in our area. We saw great miracles thanks to the new initiative of visiting 50% less actives and 50% Investigators. We are still trying to find more investigators, but thanks to visiting less actives, we were able to find 3 families this week and 4 new investigators. All of those families were miracles. I know it.
Well, I know that your birthday is this coming Sunday. Please know that I hope you have a great birthday. Know that even though I can’t be there to celebrate it with you yet, I wish you the best day and I hope that the family can treat you well and that you can feel everyone’s great love that we have for you. From thousands of miles away, know that I am sending you lots of hugs and lots of love! This Sunday will be our fast Sunday, cuz the coming week, June 5th, is election day here in Peru. Just like they did about 2 months ago, they’re going to have their presidential elections again. To be elected president here you not only need the majority vote, you need to gain 50% or more of the national vote. So, every time one of them doesn’t make it to 50%, they have to vote again. We’re gonna have the second round of elections in 2 Sundays. The elections are always on Sundays. Lame. It’s a law that NOBODY can have meetings or reunions, like churches or businesses, and it’s illegal to sell alcohol as well for like 48 hours. Most people don’t care about that stuff, and they’ll either still sell and buy it anyways, or they will stock up a day or two beforehand. It’s crazy here! Well, that’s the reason that our fast Sunday is getting moved forward.
Mom, I love you so much. I’m so grateful for all your love, your loving words of kindness, and all your help throughout my mission. I now have 7 weeks left and I’m really excited for the end, not gonna lie. I’m excited, but also really desirous to finish strong and not lose focus. I thank you a lot for the letter you sent me a couple weeks ago about sprinting to the end. Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts. They inspire me to keep going. I’m gonna do it! This weekend is transfers. I’ll see if president is gonna transfer me or my companion. It makes me nervous and excited, but I’ll accept whatever happens.
I know that this gospel is true and I’m so grateful for these past (almost) 2 years. They have served me more than any other experience. More than seminary, more than institute, more than the 18 years I had of going to church every Sunday. These past 2 years have been and will be (I hope) the foundation for the rest of my life. I know that it is only upon the rock of my Redeemer that I must build my foundation. I’m so grateful for this chance that I have had to do so. I rise and fall every day, but I also grow closer to my Savior thanks to every experience. The spirit has been my constant companion these past 2 years, and I thank my Lord for that tremendous blessing.
This isn’t my last email, just wanted to share with you my thoughts this morning. Love you mom, know that now and always. Give dad all my love, please, and let him know that care that the Lord is providing him every day. Please help him to see it and especially feel it!
Elder Wilson
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Misión Perú Lima Sur

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