Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 6, 2016

I’m giving it my all this last transfer and I’m gonna finish strong. Yesterday I finally opened the last letter that I had from those specialized letters I got in my Christmas package. It was the last one that said “open when you’re getting ready to come home”. It was from Samantha and it was a great letter! I really liked it a lot. It spoke how important it is to not leave with regrets, but to serve as hard as possible. I’m so grateful for this learning experience that the Lord has given me. It’s pretty much been my crash course of the gospel and life with all the things that I have learned and the skills that I have developed. I’m eternally grateful for this wonderful time that I have been serving the Lord and his children here in Peru.
I am working as hard as I can in my area and not leave with regrets. I want to leave my area in a better condition than the way we found it. I feel like the Lord has blessed us a lot lately in our area because we are working with about 5 families that are really interested in the message of the Gospel. It’s been amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing them with the desire to learn more. A small experience that I had this week was in a baptismal interview that I did this last Saturday. I interviewed a young 18 year old man named Carlos. He has been so prepared for the gospel, and his process of getting to know the Gospel was great too. The most impactful for me was the Spirit that I felt at the end of the interview, it was so strong. I just felt so grateful to be able to know him and evaluate his readiness to be baptized. It was a very spiritual experience that almost brought me to tears. It was a tender mercy from the Lord that I desired to have, and I’m grateful that the Lord did answer my prayer that day. Carlos is now going to get baptized this weekend, which makes me so excited.
As far as our area goes, we are working hard with the families that we have. We have many people that are very likely to accept baptismal dates this week, if all works out.
I will continue to work hard and give it my all this last transfer. To show to the Lord that I can be trusted with any task He sees fit to give me. I love this work, and I love the Lord enough to dedicate this remaining time to Him.
This week we have a visit from Elder Rasband on Thursday in Lima. I’m really excited for that. It’s good to hear that Dad is recovering. I hope that all continues to go well with him. Give him all my love in the world!
I’m so grateful for all the attention that you have given me. I’m so far away. We haven’t seen each other in so long, but I feel your love every time that I read one of your letters. Thanks so much for all your efforts in keeping me updated on the family and all that’s going on. THANK YOU!!!
Elder Wilson
They’ve been installing water meters in the area where we are living. Up until now, we only have running water from 6am until about 8am. The rest of the day if we want to, we have to use a huge bucket of water to shower or to wash. They’ve been breaking up the sidewalks and putting installations for water so that it can come all day. We made the best of the wet cement and engraved ourselves there so that we will never be forgotten! Also, chicken hearts! Delicious! I got the last pic just barely walking by a store that has my name! Enjoy!

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