Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 13, 2016

Well, this week was good with the visit from Elder Rasband. It’s made me do some thinking about my mission. I feel happy with the mission that I’ve had. I’m happy also with the thoughts that Elder Rasband gave about the efforts that we are putting into the work of the Lord. I love the idea that every effort that we make as missionaries, the results will not be seen until much later. I’m excited to be able to see the progress of my converts many years down the road. I love that I have the opportunity to bless generations. I want to be able to bless these people for generations, or in other words, I want my efforts to be able to contribute to the blessings that they will receive from God as they continue faithfully. Those have been my thoughts and desires lately. 

We were able to see lots of progress from an investigator that we have, Diego. He’s 15, and he really wants to feel loved in his life. He’s looking to feel the love of God. He asks a ton of questions, but he’s really willing to learn and find the answers. It’s been great teaching him this past week. We had the bishop accompany us to the lesson. The bishop helped him a lot, and brought him to seminary on Monday. The bishop also told us that Diego is one of his goals with the new Area Plan. He is gonna help Diego a lot as he learns about the gospel. 

It’s been a great week of learning, and I’m excited to continue to apply what I have learned from the meetings this week. Also, on Saturday in our Zone Council, Elder Peña and I gave a “taller” on asking questions. It was awesome! I felt the Spirit strongly during it, and I love that we could be guided during the “taller”. It was great.

This week was great and I felt the spirit so strongly listening to the words of Elder Rasband. We all shook his hand. It was sweet! I’m doing all that I can to continue to work hard. I’m not trunky. I’m concentrated, and in fact I believe that I’m working harder this transfer than the last one! Love you so much. I wanna thank you for your words of encouragement that you always give me. I feel your love and excitement…just the right amount. Don’t worry about that. I love my family. Let them know that! How’s dad doing btw? What’s the update on that? 


Pics: We did service in a member’s house who is in a wheelchair. The rooves of the people’s houses here aren’t EVER shingled. It’s just like metal or plastic sheets that they constantly have to shift, rearrange, or replace. Due to the fact that he’s in a wheelchair and doesn’t have much money either, we helped him out. We fixed the roof just moving the sheets and covering small holes in the plastic with cardboard pieces. There was a cool light effect that we had found. We started taking some awesome pics. It was sweet! The Bart Simpson was in a moto-taxi that we took that my comp thought was just the bees knees that day. The last pic of me and 3 missionaries is the only pic that I have of me and my 3 kids! I was so darn happy to get that pic. It was the ABSOLUTE ONLY chance that I ever would have had to get a pic like that. We had a meeting with Elder Rasband in Lima on Thursday, and the whole mission got together. Giving me the only opportunity in my whole mission to get that pic, and I got it. It made me so happy, and so proud of my children!

Elder Wilson
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