Sunday, June 19, 2016

May 31, 2016 (I missed a week sorry!)

This week was a very interesting week. We were able to teach the new family that we had found last week, Jorge and Gabriela. We placed Gabriela with a baptismal date. She had actually asked us about 3 times when she could get baptized. We taught her about baptism and then invited her. She and her partner that is less active, still need to get married, but we’re working on that for this month of June. Then she’ll get baptized in July. They are a really great couple, really desirous to live the gospel and be able to improve as a family. That was the good news of this week.

The not good news is that we haven’t been able to contact a recent convert that we had just baptized earlier this month, Felipe. We finally got to see him on Thursday night, after waiting in the street for 45 minutes, so that he could come downstairs. It was the only time that we had found out that he was home. We decided to wait. It turns out that he has had a dream a couple nights ago, and he believes that God speaks to him through dreams. In the dream, he saw a group of people entering in to the chapel through a window, even though the doors were wide open. He said that there were some people that denied and questioned why they had to enter in through the window, and that the leaders told them that they must be obedient, and then pushed them inside. He woke up from the dream questioning what we had taught him about the vicarious baptisms. It was something that he had problems with even when we first taught him. Felipe knows the whole Bible from front to back, and he says that there aren’t any records of the ancient people getting baptized for their dead. When we explained to him the scriptures in 1 Corinthians and in D & C 128, he said that the scriptures don’t help answer his questions. They aren’t clear enough. Well, it was a very difficult lesson because he had a very closed heart that night and wasn’t going to accept anything that we told him. He had an excuse for every explanation that we gave him. It was very disheartening to see how his doubts and fears had entered into him and how he had closed himself off to the truth of the gospel. We don’t know exactly why, but he believes that God tells him that he shouldn’t go to church. That’s why he hasn’t come the past 3 weeks. I’ve been studying a lot to be able to help him understand the principle of vicarious work in the temple and to be able to search out his own answers as well. I feel like the Lord has helped me to find answers to his questions. Now we are just waiting for the opportunity to meet with him again.

Well, we had a good week finding new people to teach and lots of less actives as well. We’re continuing to have progress and it’s been great. 
I’m doing fine. This is officially the first week of my last transfer in the mission. I didn’t get transferred either. I’m in my same area with my same companion Elder Peña. I’m excited for these last 6 weeks. I’m gonna give it my all! I wanna thank you for the letter you sent me a while back about finishing strong. In the language studies that they give us, I have translated it into Spanish. I’m gonna send it to my past comps in a sealed letter that says that they can’t open it until they are getting close to the end of their missions. Just like what you guys sent me in my Christmas package! BTW: I still have the letter that you sent me that I can’t open until I’m getting ready to come home. I think I’m gonna open it when I have like 2 or 3 weeks left. But, I’ve opened the rest of them already.
A letter from my mission president, President McGinn:

Thanks for the update. You don't have much time. Teach those principles like crazy in your last cambio. We need missionaries who understand and are ready to put the principles to work. We can't have missionaries who are taught and then forget. Make sure your comp nails it.

You are the best. I hate to see you going home. Ugh!


A quick little note from president to give me a boost, to keep going, and teaching like crazy! Anyways, that’s about it for the week. I’m doing well and loving my mission. Loving my Savior, the patience and unconditional love that He has for me. Love you so much Mom, see you soon!
I hope dad is doing well. Give him all my love and excitement. I can’t wait to hear that he’s back on his feet and doing well again. I love my family so darn much!
Elder Wilson
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Misión Perú Lima Sur

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