Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov. 10, 2014

I got the package! It was so awesome! Thanks so much! Those honey butter sticks were delicious. The family we’re living with ate most of them but I got a pack. It was really good. Thanks so much for the pictures. They are awesome too. I don’t do any cooking. I don’t have a microwave or an oven so I don’t know when I’ll use the biscuit mix. Haha. All of the food is cooked and prepared for us here. It’s awesome! Our laundry is done by a member (not from the ward). He does the laundry for almost all the missionaries in the zone. He comes to the apartment to pick it up and drop it off. It’s pretty great. Water is brought to us (60 liters for a month) and we use our water filter every time we drink to be double sure that it’s safe. We ride a bus when we need to get somewhere fast or to a meeting, but other times we walk. No bikes here, sadly. I got a package from Aunt Denise and Uncle Curtis. I also got 6 letters from you guys. That’s right, 6 letters! 3 from the Salt Lake pouch service, and 3 regular mail. They were awesome! Thanks so much. Tell Aunt Denise thanks a million for me. I don’t have any time left. Also, I’ve been told that the sister missionary that’s in my mission (the daughter of Janeen’s friend in Salt Lake…I can’t remember her name) is leaving. I was told that I should write you a letter and it will be given to her to be sent home. She leaves in just a week, and then she will give it to you. So, expect a letter soon, I guess. Haha. I‘m doing good. The ward is getting more involved in the work. I hope that it continues to get even better. The language is coming along. I was reading in Jacob 2 this last week. Before we leave for work, for school, or whatever we should seek first for the kingdom of God. In other words, we should pray. Talk with our Father in Heaven and ask for His guidance and help. Then we can head out with the full intention to seek the kingdom. We have a baptism date, finally. I think this time it will actually work out. I’m really excited. This week was so much better than other weeks. We had some real progress and it was great. Thanks for all the love. Just so you know, next week is transfers so my p-day should be on Tuesday. Love you mom! Elder Wilson

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