Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014

This week has been pretty crazy. I've been adapting to the area and to the style that they have here. It’s really different in the south of Peru than it was in Lima. Even the people are really different. I've really been working on pushing myself here: trying to better my teaching skills and be more bold with the people. I've learned that the people here are used to being told boldly and directly. Unless you say, "You need to repent", they aren't gonna change or listen. So, I’m trying to learn how to be more direct with people but with love. It’s a struggle finding the middle ground of boldness with love. 

Something that I've been running into a ton, is that mothers here are not shy about feeding their children in front of whoever. In just about every lesson with a mother the child has started to cry because they are hungry. The mother just starts feeding them right there. It’s not even a big deal. They are still breastfeeding until 2 years old, and even older than that. Its super uncomfortable! You’ll just be teaching something, and then suddenly you start teaching the ground or the wall. It’s interesting. Ha ha. 

I've been working on lots of stuff this week. I want to be molded into a better missionary, and a better person. I’m looking to be more teachable, while still looking for opportunities to teach and help as well. I've also been kind of distracted with all the stuff that’s going on with Christmas, but, I’m hanging in there. I’m super excited to Skype with you guys. Super excited for Christmas! Thanks for all the love and support that I receive from the family at home. I love you all so much! Talk to you soon and I’ll see you on Thursday!

Elder Wilson

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