Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 16, 2015

So, I still haven’t gotten the package but I’m waiting for tomorrow to see if it came. This week we had our baptism of Miguel. He is the guy that can’t talk, but he listens and understands really well. He got baptized this Saturday. It was really great! I got to baptize him (as the pics suggest). I had to baptize him 6 times, because he wouldn't go under the water. The last time we just had him sit down (not the normal way to baptize) and I just picked him back up. It worked out OK. I lent him my extra shirt because he didn't come with a dry one. I walked home with a wet shirt and garment top. Haha. The picture of the Miguel with the other two guys: the one in the yellowish shirt is Juan Carlos. He is one of Miguel’s best friends. He was less active but has been brought back into the church. Now he’s the Sunday School President! The other guy is a convert who used to be an atheist. At 92 years old he got baptized into the church, he’s sealed and ready to go! Haha This week was pretty good. My companion had to go to Lima to be a legalized Peruano for 2 days. We have more investigators with plans to get baptized in these next couple weeks. It’s exciting! Tell Joey, congrats on his call. Going to Birmingham! That’s awesome! No time to write to him today.

Love you guys. Tell the family I love and miss them.
Elder Wilson

from our service project that we did 2 weeks ago. Good stuff!

Miguel baptism

Miguel baptism and Juan Carlos

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