Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 9, 2015

So this week was a good one! We did service for a member that has a farm. We moved a ton of rocks that he has into a bigger pile of rocks. Sometimes the service projects that we do really don’t make sense but, they’re fun. Questions: How’s the plan to not be working Beehive and keeping the Sabbath day holy? I want to know if you've given it more thought. How are you doing with all that? I know the Lord will bless us for it. I know it! Also, the package hasn't come yet. Last week was a false alarm. I’m hoping for tomorrow. I felt a lot of love for my family this week. Especially yesterday as I was thinking about how I’ll have 4 new babies (so far) that I’ll be coming home to. I’m excited for that! I love my family. I love that we’re united and I can’t wait to be home with all the love! I heard from your letter about Grandmom and PopPop. Give them my love, please. I would hate to not be talking to them for so long and have something happen. I love them and can’t thank them enough for how they are supporting me. I love them, please let them know! Give my love to Grandpa Wilson as well. I love him and am grateful for him and Grandma too! There’s a movie called “Praise to the Man” about Joseph Smith. It’s really good. “The Ultimate Gift” is another movie we watched. I recommend it also. There is a song called “Oh Give Me Back My Prophet Dear”. It’s really good. You should look it up. I’m trying to lose weight because I’ve been putting on the pounds here. There’s so much rice in my diet!

We have a baptism this weekend (it didn't work out last weekend). For sure this weekend! He doesn't talk (he has a medical issue) but he really wants to be baptized. His name is Miguel. Pray for him. Our convert went to the temple! He had an awesome time and he’s going back this weekend. Also, the woman who had the dream about me, she’s doing good, but nothing new with her. Another question: How is it that you got me or David to attend church and young men’s? I remember that I never really wanted to go. We have young men here in the ward that just don’t want do anything. How can I help them? They don’t listen to us, who are we?

I love my family. I’m so grateful that we are eternal! Gotta go! Tell dad and the fam, I love them!!

Elder Wilson

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