Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

My companion is doing better. His family doesn’t support him much and it gets him a little down. But, he doesn’t stay down. He’s good at just getting to work. I like that about him. He’s doing good and we’re doing better with getting along. Sometimes we butt heads pretty bad. It can be hard living with someone, especially since I’m supposed to be his "dad". I’m really trying to learn how to lead, correct, and help. It’s a difficult thing to do though. I really admire you and dad for how you raised us with the patience, love, and pure dedication that is required of a parent. Everything is motivated by love. Honestly, thank you for all of that. Thank you for all the love that you showed us. I did not appreciate it as much as I do now. I love my family so much. Please know that!

The purple salad in the picture was diced beets with carrots (I think). It’s really good and a pretty common salad. I like it a lot. Beets are delicious! The fish was super good as well! I didn’t get the package you sent last week. I called the zone leaders today, and it has come. So, I’ll be receiving it later today. Don’t worry and thanks so much!

No time left. I love you and I’ll tell you how our baptism goes this weekend. Also, we had a convert go to the temple and he loved it. Also, a less active we rescued thanked us for helping her. (She’s the one that had a dream about me.) Anyways, I’ll tell you next week. Give my love to the family!

Elder Wilson

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